Morning Meme: PETA Slams Lady Gaga Again, “The New Normal” Finds a New Home In Salt Lake, and James Franco Rocks Dreads

Just a note that today is Labor Day in the U.S., so we will have a very limited schedule. Just this Meme, our TV on Tap column, and a Briefs this afternoon. Also, there’s our Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney to check out. The second round of voting is opened over the weekend. We’ll be back full strength tomorrow!

PETA is slamming Rihanna and Lady Gaga over their wearing of fur and animal skins. “Wearing reptile skin is Lady Gagacreepy and callous, and it makes her look even more out of touch. She and Lady Gaga seem so desperate to be freaks instead of recognized for their talents that you have to wonder if they realize that they are being laughed at.” Oh, PETA, I think you continue to mistake where that laughter is directed.

You have 11 lives. Use them well.

Possession led a weak holiday box office with $20 million, followed by Lawless with $12 million. Creating stark bookends were The Avengers, which crossed $1.5 billion, and The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure from the folks behind the Wiggles, which set a record low of $207/screen.

Beginning in October in the UK, men who have historical convictions for consensual gay sex will be able to apply to have them deleted, offering the chance to apply for jobs or volunteer positions without having it show up on a background check.

The New NormalFolks living in Salt Lake City will be able to watch The New Normal after all, as the series has been picked up by KUCW, which often picks up shows like Saturday Night Live that the local Mormon-owend NBC station refuses to air.

A documentary called Ann Richard’s Texas is being shopped to networks, showing the Texas firebrand governor in all her glory, including when she was shoved out of office by a political machine bent on elevating George W. Bush to the White House via the governorship. I always loved Ann, and would love to learn more about her life.

Between the Supreme Court having a menu of Defense of Marriage Act cases to choose from to numerous referendums on state ballots, marriage equality will remain a focal point in the presidential election, despite neither candidate wishing to engage on it.

TMZ claimed that Michael Phelps wasn’t content to win all that gold in London, and bellied up to the poker tables in Las Vegas to win $100,000. But sadly, Phelps says it’s not true.

President Obama says that regardless of the bizarre chair incident in Tampa, he’s a big fan of Clint Eastwood, both as an actor and a director. No doubt as a comedian as well now.

You can preview Joe McElderry’s new album Here’s What I Believe, as well as preorder it.Joe McElderry

After three years of marriage equality in Vermont, a new study says that it has contributed 700 new jobs and $30.6 million to the economy.

California Latino HIV and LGBT center Bienestar was evicted from their new offices only 48 hours after opening, after the landlord said that they were bringing disease to the building and he was canceling their lease. They’re currently suing to retrieve their property which the landlord locked in the building, including confidential client files.

A girl that claims she was at the naked party that Prince Harry threw in Las Vegas tells People that Prince Harry was incredibly drunk at the party when she arrived. “Harry was already undressed. It Prince Harrywas just crazy. He looked actually delirious. There was a pool table and he was playing air guitar with pool sticks. He was screaming out, ’Somebody get me a glove! I’m going to do a Michael Jackson impression!’ “

Working as a party princess is no joke. You can’t let the kid see you sweat. Or arrive in your Neon. The illusion must be complete.

Gay teen Dynasty Young is suing his Indiana school district for failing to protect him from bullying. You might recall, Dynasty was expelled after he pulled a stun gun that his mother had given him to protect himself on some attackers. The expulsion was later reduced so he could finish school at a nearby charter school.

Yes, Mitt Romney called the United States a “company” in a speech.Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, who seems to get misquoted a lot, says that he’s glad his friend Johnny Lee Miller is doing Elementary, despite what he said about it being a paycheck. “I am both bemused and upset at this misquote. I never said that Johnny took the job for the paycheck nor did I ask him not to do it. What I said is I would have preferred not to be in the situation where we will again be compared because we are friends. I know for a fact his motivations were to do with the quality of the script and the challenges of this exceptional role.”


 Yesterday I mentioned that Blake Skjellerup, Olympic speed skater and all around nice guy needed you to vote for him to win a $10,000 scholarship to help get him to the Winter Olympic Games. Now, his cat Whitney is ordering you to vote for him, and you know how I’m afraid of cats, so please do it before she hurts me.

Don’t let her cuteness fool you, she’s his enforcer. Go vote!

 Colton Haynes took time while vacationing to pose with a fan, so this is Colton, no makeup or special effects. His body really looks like that

 For day 11 on the countdown to Glee, we get a terrified looking Kurt being towered over by Santana

 Did you hear the news that Dark Horse Comics is coming out with a comic for Husbands the Series?

 Jake Shears got a new haircut, but thankfully didn’t buy a shirt

 Practice for the Kellogg’s Tour brings out gymnast Josh Dixon, Kyla Ross, MacKayla Maroni, and Paul Ruggeri

 OMG! Look at this cute monkey!

 Sean Maher still has his original glasses from the Firefly pilot

In This Must Be the Place, Sean Penn plays an aging, reclusive rock star who ventures out when his father is dying. His father’s quest in life was to find the guard from the Nazi concentration camp he was in as a youth, and Penn’s rather unusual character picks that up as a dying wish. It looks delightfully offbeat.


Metro is a short film about a fox and a girl, and the hidden world that exists between the pavement and the sewers. Who knew we were all missing out on such a delightful place?


I’m not entirely sure that The History of SPAM is entirely accurate, but I’m a sucker for any story that uses puppets and canned meat to tell a narrative. I do wonder if it might be educational for my mother though.


This teaser for Spring Breakers has James Franco displaying a NSFW weirdness that is a bit out there, even for James Franco. And that’s really saying something. He’s not really been billed as the star of the film, so I find it a bit odd that the teaser is all about him.


PBS is about to have a spinoff of one of my favorite shows, Mister Rogers. In this case, it’s called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and I have to admit, I’m not really feeling it. There was something about Mister Rogers that made you feel safe, with this avuncular adult calming giving you the lessons in life, not an excitable animated tiger who still needs his mommy.


Buzzfeed talked to gay Republicans in Tampa, and asked them how you could be gay and a Republican. As far as I can tell, it requires that you divorce yourself from reality. There’s so much cognitive dissonance going on here I felt like someone had slipped me acid. But I suppose a bigger question is if you can be poor/working class and still be a Republican. Because these folks seem quite well off.


Do you want to buy a penguin? Who could say no to that question? BoredShorts are written by children, performed by adults, and voice by children. All in all, there’s a lot of talent from the adults to play this so well. But I’m still waiting for someone to bring me my penguin.


Have you seen Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” yet? Who broke her heart this time? People say that the guy in the video is a dead ringer for Adam Levine, but he’s nowhere near as hot as Adam (who is?). Still, there’s a certain charm to her bouncy pajama party and her friends in the costumes. I suppose that the most refreshing thing about all these breakup songs is that no one has ever said anything about her getting around so much, and it hasn’t been that many years since a young female star (especially with a younger, conservative demographic) would have a bad reputation from dating around. It’s refreshing to see the world evolve.


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