Morning Meme: President Obama and Mitt Romney Pick Up Very Different Endorsements, Kylie Minogue To Star In Musical “Walking On Sunshine,” and Team USA Goes “Gangnam Style”

Sorry to have deserted you yesterday, but if you think grocery stores are nuts before a snow storm, you should see a tire shop when one hits in October. It’s been a crazy week. Now on to the news!WilSon

snicks will be liveblogging all the gay snogging on Days of Our Lives today.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg endorsed President Obama for reelection today, citing his commitment to fighting climate change and his support for marriage equality.

Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue and Gemma Atherton are set to star in the upcoming musical comedy Walking On Sunshine, about a mother and daughter who both fall in love with the same man in Spain. It will feature pop music from the 1980s. Kylie and 1980s music in a movie? Someone hand snicks a tissue.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who campaigned against the Affordable Care Act for years has chosen to endorse President Obama for reelection.

Andrew Shirvell, who was fired from the Michigan Attorney General’s office for harassing out University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong, has won his unemployment benefits. A judge ruled that he was fired because of protected free speech, not for misconduct.

Olympian Ian Thorpe says that he doesn’t see anything else he can do to convince people he’s not gay, but he wishes they would just drop it. And he says anytime he denies it he risks offending people. “I don’t want to offend anyone whether they’re friends that are gay… by getting angry about it, frustrated about it. The only thing I find frustrating is that people think I’m lying.”

Chad Kroeger of Nickelback says that the band got bored one night and saw Chad Kroegera fan with metal blades, and offered a member of their crew about $375 to stick his penis in the fan. As if you needed another reason to hate Nickelback.

The National Organization for Marriage has donated about $1.6 million to fight for a constitutional amendment against gay marriage in Minnesota, or about half of what Minnesota for Marriage has raised in total. Earlier this week it was reported NOM had given $800,000 of the $1 million raised against equality in Maine.

Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard is a big supporter of marriage equality, but it was his reaction at his sister’s wedding to her wife that made my vision get a little fuzzy. “It was at Capitol Hill out here in Seattle. My sister was in this beautiful dress and her wife was wearing this great suit. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I was tasked with playing a few songs during the wedding and I just couldn’t get through it. I was bawling. It was just too much joy.”

The Vatican has given a rave review to Skyfall. L’Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper, has devoted five articles to the movie, including praising “extremely beautiful Bond girls.” Methinks you doth protest too much, father.

Taylor SwiftArizona Attorney General Tom Horn, who recently filed suit with the Supreme Court to be allowed to discontinue partner benefits to same sex couples, has been found to be hiding an extra-marital affair after his car hit another car and drove away to hide the affair. Horn wants to drop partner benefits because it “strengthens marriages.”

Taylor Swift sold 1.2 million copies of her new album Red in the first week, the highest albums sales number since Eminem in 2002.


 Blake Sjkellerup makes short work of a giant turkey leg. Takes a lot of fuel to skate that fast

 Colton Haynes decided to got for a Sexy Nemo for Halloween

 Since Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm are playing the same person at different ages in A Young Doctor’s Notebook, there’s nothing sexy about the two of them in a bathtub together, unless you just  forget the context, at which point the mind can run wild.

Did it have to be such an ugly bathtub?

 Denis O’Hare and Jonathan Groff together on the set of COG

 Ethan Cutkosky and Cameron Monaghan aren’t happy about the last day filming in L.A. for Shameless

 All of the Glee pictures lately look somber. And somber in Sue Sylvester’s office probably isn’t a good thing

 Jonathan Knight appears to have ridden out Hurricane Sandy at Kirstie Alley’s house

 Tom Lenk chose to go as Adam Levine for Halloween

 One side effect of snow in October is that you can get Halloween decorations covered in snow. I think it really enhanced my zombie


Mitt Romney has landed a coveted endorsement for his presidential asperations in C. Montgomery Burns. But I’m not sure he’s going to get any votes from PETA. And it’s probably safe to say Bo Obama isn’t going to vote for him.


Vampire Weekend hit up Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform their new song “Unbelievers” dressed as zombies, because well, what else did you expect? Zombies are hot right now.


I don’t really know what to say about GI Joe: Retaliation. Cobra takes over, things blow up, and Bruce Willis saves the day while a lot of ninjas fight with swords, which seem an odd contrast to a giant space weapon that can blow up London with a single shot.


If you’ve been reading my column for a few years, you know I’m absolutely bonkers for Despicable Me, and the Minions in particular. I’ve always wanted minion of my own. These are just so adorable, but it looks like someone has it in for the cute little guys.


In this late ad for Mainers Unites, Brian Arsenault explains how he’s just a normal jock, who happens to have two moms, and he wants them to have the opportunity to be married and happy that he sees for himself, which is a nice twist on the parents talking about wanting that for their children.


Sure this is a commercial for IKEA, but tell me that it doesn’t make you smile.


I don’t know much about John Dies At the End, but it seems like what would happen if you let Simon Pegg remake The Matrix, which if you stop and think about it, sounds awesome.

Just when I thought Gangnam style was over, Team USA brings us this video, with the sex appeal brought by men’s gymnastics and the modern pentathalon, but it may be the figure skaters that push it over the top for skill.


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