Morning Meme: “Romeos” Make German Sound Sexy, Meet Cheyenne and Jackson, and “True Blood” Spoofs “Twilight” On “Phineas & Ferb”

Religious leaders in Honduras want to bar Ricky
from entry to the country because he’s a gay dad. They think keeping Ricky Martinone of the
world’s biggest pop stars outside the border is necessary to “protect the moral and
ethical principles of our society.”

Meanwhile, in America, author Michael Brown says the ultimate goal of gay activists isn’t equality, but
to put all the Christians in jail. Darn, they’re on to us! I wonder if they
know it’s only until we can get enough lions?

A military appeals court has ruled that a
Marine didn’t violate the uniform policy by wearing part of his
uniform in a gay adult film (well, several) he appeared in. Evidently if you
don’t wear it all, you’re fine.

CherThe Supreme Court is expected to pick up several interesting
cases this session, including the healthcare reform law, and whether Cher’s potty mouth destroys the fabric of the universe.

Pink (using her
legal name Alecia Moore) has joined Mark
sex addiction movie Thanks For Sharing. She’ll be
playing a free spirit who gets entangled with Josh Gad’s character.

A gay Tennessee couple says they
were assaulted by deacons
trying to enter a church to attend the service.
Adding insult to real injuries, the preacher was one their fathers and ordered
the assault. And the cops just stood and watched.

Absolutely Fabulous has new photos in Entertainment Weekly.

On Modern Family, Cam tries to pick up Leslie
in a bar to win a bet with Mitchell
that he can pass for straight.

Meanwhile, comedian Kevin
has been cast as Phil
and Claire’s neighbor on the show.Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan is set to head down to Wisteria Lane for the eighth episode
of Desperate
. He’ll be playing a gallery owner.

Project Runway is spawning, with a new All Stars series to be
followed by an Accessories series, all starting November 3 on Lifetime. Guest
judges for the series include Debra
, Kenneth Cole, and Miss Piggy.

Howard Bragman,
gay publicist extraordinaire, who shepherded many of the biggest coming outs in
recent memory, is stepping down as head of the PR firm he founded. He’ll
continue on as Chairman. Bragman is said to be working on a television show
about celebrities coming out.

Jane Lynch says that Chris
is her hero. All together now: Awww!

In proof of just how liberal and anti-Christian Hollywood
is, Paramount is dumping a mountain of money in Darren Aronofsky’s lap to make Marcel the SnailNoah, spanning the life of the
Biblical figure. The film is being fast tracked to begin shooting in the

Jezebel has
the first pages
of the Marcel the Snail children’s book.

My word, I think that man evolved from apes faster than President Obama is evolving on marriage equality.

Hank Williams, Jr.
says that his words comparing President Obama and Speaker
playing golf together to Hitler having lunch with Jews were “misunderstood.”

I’m really disappointed to hear that a professor at West
Virginia University was bullied out of a football game with anti-gay slurs.
Back in my days on campus, gay wasn’t exactly normal (I’m old!), but the Gay
& Lesbian Mountaineers were a visible force on campus, one that I wished I
had the guts to join at the time.

I think it’s both fantastic and incredibly sad that Sesame
has developed Lily,
a new puppet, in order to deal with children who are “food insecure.”
We shouldn’t have kids that are “food insecure.”

Silvio Horta, of Ugly
fame, is developing a new series based on Texts From Last Night.
I’d love to see it as Cheyenne and Jacksonsomething more like MTV’s Undressed, with a series of
segments in each show.

Graham Norton has assembled an all star panel for the American version of
You Rather?
In which guests are given ridiculous moral dilemmas to
solve. Whoopi Goldberg, Cyndi Lauper, and Alan Cumming are but a few.

And for an Aww! finish, the Cleveland Metropark Zoo has named their pair of grizzly cubs Cheyenne and Jackson.

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I had told you about MLB player Dirk Hayhurst inventing the Garfoose to help special needs kids a while back. I sort of made the Garfoose the star of that post. But here I want you to look at how adorkable Hayhurst is.

And who doesn’t recognize Mood in NYC? Or the pose.

Funny, or terrifying?

The headline and the picture are fortunately unrelated.

Chord Overstreet got to take his lips to the Real Steel premiere.

Meanwhile, his former Glee co-stars Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer and Lea Michele were at an event for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Those kids get around, don’t they? Over the weekend, I know Chris was in New York City, and Lea was in Paris. And Kevin McHale went to Brazil.

I’m sure Cory went somewhere.

I’m a bit enchanted with the trailer for the German movie Romeos due out in December. Of course the beautiful boys don’t hurt, but it does ask important questions about our ability to love another person. Subtitles were helpful.


Did you ever see a 22-foot python poop all over his handler on national television? Well now you can. I just hope it wasn’t because the snake ate that adorable capybara from the beginning of the segment.


But for something fuzzier, the Arizona Department of Public Safety shut down a highway so that police could try and rescue a bunny.


Maryland Governor O’Malley seems to be taking the same route Gov. Cuomo took for marriage equality, coming out strongly and directly.


This is one of those segments that nobody wins in discussing. The View was talking about Rick Perry’s controversially named hunting camp. And both Whoopi and Barbara said the n-word, that third rail of American vocabulary. They weren’t using it as a slur – the word is literally the story, discussing the story without the n-word is pointless. But Sherri is offended that Barbara said it, but not offended that Whoopi did. I know I have personally had issues trying to have this discussion right here on this site, saying that media should use the word, like “faggot” when the word “faggot” is the story. But I still couldn’t type out the n-word. I’m not sure I’m physically capable. And that’s part of the reason we still have issues here.


South Park is back. And Cartman’s buns hurt. I think they intend to phone in this season and see if anyone notices.

South Park


Whitman-Walker Health really needs your help to make their AIDS Walk a success. They’ve really brought out the big guns to sell the event this time. WWH doees some amazing work, and if you can get out for the event, really, you should.


Considering the number of protests happening in the world today, you may have an excellent chance of being restrained by the police using zip ties. Fortunately, that’s easily dealt with in this instructional video.


So what does everyone think of Beyonce in this preview for her “Countdown” video? A pregnant Funny Girl?


I have a love of Phineas & Ferb on Disney Channel. I really do think it’s some of the funniest writing on television. And they rack up great guest stars, regardless of their orientation, like Jane Lynch and Clay Aiken. For their Halloween show, they have Michael J. Fox (Teen Wolf) and Stephen Moyer (True Blood) competing for the affection of Anna Paquin (True Blood) done up Twilight-style. The joke at the end is fantastic.


Meanwhile, NPR examines how to turn your name into a noun and live forever – and wonders if you’d really want that to happen.

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