Morning Meme: Roseanne Envies Her Gay Siblings’ Relationships, Alan Ritchson Suits Up for “Catching Fire,” and Where Jonathan Groff is Next Getting Naked


Buzzfeed makes a strong case that the comedy Baby Daddy might be worth watching just for actor Derek Theler.Derek Theler

Not only does the Democrat’s platform contain an endorsement of marriage equality, it also includes a trans-inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act endorsement.

Surprising no one, lawyers for the Aurora shooting assailant James Holmes are requesting more time for a psychological evaluation of their client.

At her concert in St. Petersburg, Madonna encouraged fans to raise their pink bracelets to “show your love and appreciate for the gay community.” It’s unclear if authorities will seek to charge her for promoting homosexuality, but Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called her a “former whore.” Maybe he’s more of an Elton John fan?

In an extensivGeorge Clooneye interview with Out, Jonathan Groff talks about being asked by a reporter why he was at the gay march on Washington. “I just told her. I sort of always knew, in the back of my mind, that when the moment arrived for me to come out, I would. I wasn’t yanked out of the closet.” He also teases us with this gem about his role on Boss. “I mean, the show is on STARZ, so I definitely get naked at some point.”

According to Brett Berk’s review of the Audi RS5, the car is like George Clooney, while a Mercedes C63 is Daniel Craig, a BMW M3 is Jason Statham, and a Cadillac CTS-V is Mark Wahlberg. I’m guessing her prefers a car that’s more physical than refined.

It turns out that anti-gay Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. could be in it for the money, as records show that the National Organization for Marriage tossed him $20,000 to help him fight against equality.

83% of Missouri voters endorsed a state constitutional amendment allowing students to opt out of studying anything they feel violates their religious beliefs, be that gay rights, evolution, or really anything. I basically don’t care enough about religion to even be an atheist, but if I were a Missouri student, I’m sure I would have found a religion that was opposed to Calculus.

I know nothing of the character of Gloss in Catching Fire, but since Alan Ritchson has been cast in the role, I hope he doesn’t have much in the way of wardrobe.Alan Ritchson

In Utah, one of those lighted highway signs meant to provide construction information was set to display “God Hates Gays.” The Utah Department of Transportation says that the signs are maintained by private contractors, but that is was probably just a prank that was “obviously unacceptable.” You think?

Business Insider looks at why there are so few out Olympic athletes, while truly ringing the bell for our local favorite Matthew Mitcham. Ally Hudson Taylor says that for a lot of Olympic athletes, it’s sponsorship driven. “Olympic athletes are very dependent on sponsors. There isn’t much money in the sports themselves. So the fact that sponsors tend to drop gay athletes sends a very strong message to anyone who is thinking of coming out.”

We’ve seen a lot of Eagle Scouts send back their badges, but this story is special, because the Eagle Scout’s father is also an Eagle Scout, and a Boy Scouts District Commissioner. They both sent back their badges together.

Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie pens a great endorsement of President Obama in the form of a letter to the unborn children of his sister Megan and her wife Amber. That it runs in the Salt Lake Tribune makes it all the sweeter.

Germany’s high court ruled that the government must give the same tax benefits to the nation’s registered partnerships that they extend to heterosexual marriages.

Sadly, a federal judge in Hawaii ruled that the state’s civil partnerships do not violate the Constitution. The decision is expected to be appealed, and since Hawaii is in the marriage equality-friendly Ninth Circuit, we can probably expect a different Danell Leyvaoutcome.

When Abercrombie & Fitch imports 110 models to roam Hong Kong shirtless to pimp their store, they put them up in style in 60 rooms at the W Hotel. Personally, when I used to visit Hong Kong regularly, I preferred the Park Lane Hotel.

Danell Leyva is in a sexy, naked photospread for LifeStyle Miami, but my three years of high school Spanish 25 years ago don’t provide me the skills to read the article, so I’ll just confess I looked at the pictures.

 A fan tweeted this picture to Cheyenne Jackson, mistaking Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin for the Broadway hunk, which I can almost see. But what’s more important here is that Colton Haynes is dressed as a sexy Eeyore, which is something I don’t think has ever crossed my mind before.

Can the Vivid porn parody of Winnie the Pooh be far behind now?

 Cats have now mastered water, which means that the moat I was building is useless as defense

 Lady Gaga channels RuPaul on the cover of Vogue

 Ally Josh Hutcherson sporting a Straight But Not Narrrow shirt and blonde hair

 Speaking of Josh, here he is in the poster for the Red Dawn remake. Originally the remake swapped the Russians out for the Chinese, but now the long delayed film has the North Koreans as the invaders, because the Chinese movie market is too large to offend.

I prefer Josh with dark hair

 I’m unsure if this is an official poster or fan art for Maleficent, but it has my attention

 Gareth Thomas brings the gun show to the roof deck

 I’m unclear how President Obama figures into this shot from The New Normal, but just go with it

It appears that Shameless’ Cameron Monaghan has been a bad boy

Matthew Mitcham attends a nail biting Olympic competition

Ryan Lochte pees gold. But only in the pool. Otherwise he has to hold it. Or something. I don’t even know, this is terrible. And this is the man who has been offered three reality shows and counting?


But I think Sir Patrick Stewart agrees with me, or he wouldn’t have done what he did in this video, which fortunately features very little of Ryan Lochte, but has the bonus of Simon Pegg in a Speedo.


Ryan Murphy continues to release deleted scenes from Glee that were better than what aired. According to the tweet, this episode was 15 minutes too long, so this redemption scene with Mike Chang and his parents was left on the cutting room floor.


The Counting Song seems like something that is perfect for children, what with the six monkeys wearing pantaloons and all, but in reality it’s more suited to high school students. Stick with it folks, it’s worth it.


The Daily Show investigates the important questions of the day, such as whether U.S. rower Heinrick Hummel was erect or not on his podium.


In 3, 2, 1 … Frankie Go Boom, Charlie Hunnam gets laid, but his brother secretly films it, then sends the tape to a big executive trying to score a job. They discover that the girl Hunnam banged is the executives daughter of course, and hijinks ensue to get the tape back, including the help of Ron Perlman in a dress, possibly as a transgender character. It’s hard to tell from the trailer, but that’s what I think it’s saying.


First up, the folks at Smarter Every Day swear that GiGi the Stunt Cat was not harmed in the making of this video. From what I can tell, GiGi is a pretty chill cat, and was happy to help science explain how felines always land on their feet. This may be the finest explanation of cat physics ever undertaken.


Furry songster and friend of mine Aiden James celebrated Whitney Houston’s birthday yesterday by releasing a slowed-down version of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” that really works for me. It’s available for purchase on iTunes.


There’s a new promo for Partners. I’m a little unclear if this central premise of the two best friends excluding their mates and the idea that Michael Urie’s character is so self-centered can sustain an entire series.


I’m a terrible person, because I know nothing of East of Eden. But Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley has put together a parody of the classic that’s entirely NSFW. For those of you more well read than I, how does it hold up?

Go behind the scenes of Cyndi Lauper’s new musical Kinky Boots with Harvey Fierstein. This sounds almost worth making a trip to NYC for. I wonder if Logo would let me sleep on the floor in the offices?

Roseanne Barr sat down with Piers Morgan as part of the media blitz for her roast this Sunday night on Comedy Central. I haven’t watched the whole interview, but one of the clips released has Piers asking her about her love life. Rosanne admits that she hasn’t been able, as a straight person, to hold together a relationship as well as her lesbian sister and gay brother have.


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