Morning Meme: “S.H.I.E.L.D.” Is More Whedon Than Marvel, the Gayest Songs of 2012, and Let Neil Patrick Harris Help You With Those Balls

Happy New Year! I hope you had fun and stayed safe. I’ve got a nasty bug, so I stayed home and rested with Anderson and Kathy. But snicks is at full power, and will be bringing you a liveblog of the New Year’s resolutions for WilSon on Days of Our Lives.Rep. Eric Cantor

At the time of this writing, despite passing the Senate 89-8 with a bill no one is happy with, it looks like House Republicans are willing to drive the world economy off a cliff rather than allow a vote on the bill the Senate and the White House agreed to. At this point I’m almost willing to let China repossess the country just to end this farce. EDIT: They passed it, barely.

While a $2,000/year tax hike might hurt my spending, even the bigger bump that’s proposed for the wealthy elite isn’t likely to hamper their lifestyles. So which fancy cars should they choose to keep themselves safe from the huddled masses?

If your iDevices have been quiet since the New Year, check to make sure they’re not stuck in Do Not Disturb mode, which is evidently a widespread problem. My iPad is trapped in silent mode, but my old iPhone 4 is just fine. At least you know your friends haven’t been avoiding you for something you Ming Nadid New Year’s Eve that you don’t remember. Probably.

Ming-Na says she’s not going back and reading a bunch of S.H.I.E.L.D comic books to prepare for the new Joss Whedon pilot. “I don’t think he’s going to base it as much on the comics. This is going to be sort of like his own thing with Stan Lee. I’d rather take it fresh from his point of view. I’m in the Whedonverse all the way.”

A school teacher writes an open letter to the Archbishop of Westminster challenging the objection that if marriage equality happens, children will be damaged by it being taught in schools.

Not only is alcohol rough on your liver, it’s not great for the environment, either. So if you want to stay green, which alcohol should you drink? It turns out beer is a good choice, and New Yorkers don’t have to be wine snobs to request French wine.

OMG blog has a countdown of the Gayest Songs of 2012, many of which, like Scissor Sisters’ “Let’s Have a Kiki” and Le1F’s “Wut” we’ve featured here, but I must be a bad gay, because I haven’t heard half the songs on this list.Scissor Sisters

You know the old theory that if you cook with alcohol, most of it burns off in the cooking process? Yeah, well, you may want to skip serving junior Cherries Jubilee, because the vast majority of the alcohol remains after cooking, be it a flambé or a rum cake.

Billie Joe Armstrong is recovering from a bit of a breakdown last year, and has announced that Green Day will return to touring in March. He thanks the fans for their patience. “Believe me, it hasn’t gone unnoticed and I’m eternally grateful to have such an amazing set of friends and family.”

I really can’t remember if we bothered to mention that Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Or if we needed to. But news is really thin right now.

The only thing we’ve ever written about Olly Murs is about the size of his bulge, so it seems fitting that he jokes with Gay Times about creating an underwear line. “That would be fun—I could call them Bulge so when people went into the shop they’d ask, ‘Do you have a small Bulge, a medium Bulge or a Olly Murslarge Bulge?'”

Argentina has issued 5,839 marriage licenses to same-sex couples since becoming the first Latin American country to adopt a nationwide marriage equality law in 2010. In the summer of 2012, the nation also passed the most comprehensive gender identity law in the world, and has issued 1,720 changes to identification papers since the law took effect. Blabbeando breaks down the details.


Meet Logan, Ryan Murphy’s one week old son

 Neil Patrick Harris helps Asher Moore with his balls

 Olympian Blake Skjellerup shows us why New Years is better in the southern hemisphere

 Cheyenne Jackson spent New Years at his concert in D.C., and received an enthusiastic welcome home in NYC

 Somehow, Colton Haynes riding a kangaroo seems right

 Before the kangaroo ride, he celebrated the New Year with former co-star Tyler Hoechlin

 If you rode the subway in NYC NYE, you may have seen Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita

 Also roaming New York City was my future ex-husband Russell Tovey. Why can’t I work in the Logo offices?

 Where he celebrated New Ears Eve

 And how cute are Ryan Steele and Matt Doyle celebrating their first New Year’s Eve as boyfriends? I really can’t get enough of these two.

But if I recall, when Matt was single, we got shirtless pictures on New Year’s Eve

The Troma film Yeti: A Love Story is back from 2006, but the description has been popping up on Tumblr like mad this weekend, so someone must be showing the “Brokeback Mountain meets King Kong” love story. Here’s the sad little trailer, which makes me wish SyFy would play this some Saturday afternoon.


Modern Family returns next week with guest stars like Nathan Lane and Billie Dee Williams, and the promise of a wedding that looks suspiciously like Cam and Mitchell, but I have to believe that’s a fake out. The show generally has a message, and I doubt they’d go there until the marriage ban in California is struck down unless it’s going to advance the story in some way.


The trainwreck Bret Easton Ellis project The Canyons, starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen has put out their third and supposedly final trailer, and this one is styled as a 1930s comedy. I’m mostly interested in how frequently they get Nolan Funk into his underwear, and wish this were a TV movie, because I’d love to live tweet it with everyone as a social experience. I think watching it quietly in a theater could be emotionally scarring.


Performer Jodie Marsh joins with club staples like Cazwell for a hotel party video “If You Ain’t Got Soul.” It’s a fairly repetitive dance track and follows a fairly standard story of an exceptionally hot nerd coming into the cool party and finding his groove, but she does have an eye for some fairly hot pieces of man meat. Possibly NSFW.


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