Morning Meme: Sir Ian McKellen Lives Out and Proud, Katee Sackhoff’s New Show, and David Boies Does “The Colbert Report”


Sir Ian McKellen
is my hero. Speaking about homophobia to school children in conjunction
with Stonewall, he says he’s doing it because “By talking frankly about my own
life as a gay man and listening to the concerns of staff and students, parents
and governors, I hope the visits arranged by Stonewall may make a difference in
the classroom and the playground.”

Ft. Worth Councilman
Joel Burns
is a finalist for Texan of the Year. If a gay man wins this award, you can
find me skiing at my chalet in hell.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees have been announced, and I really don’t care. Donna Summer didn’t make it. And Neil Diamond did. Not that either of
those two have anything to do with rock and roll.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even pick up a book titled Being Gay is Disgusting or God Likes the
Smell of Burning Fat
, but after reading the review at The Bilerico Project, I’m
asking Santa to put a copy of this Old Testament satire in my stocking. I can’t say I’ve
been a good boy, but that doesn’t seem a prerequisite for this book.

An Italian hospital chief is in trouble after sending out a
memo asking doctors to not snort cocaine on their shifts. So
they should snort cocaine?

Mark Zuckerberg
is Time’s Person of the Year.
Which is about right for Time, because
I consider Facebook to have been interesting about five years ago. Now it just
annoys me to hear people talk about it.

Meanwhile, Twitter, which has no real revenue stream, raised another $200 million in investment capital and is
currently valued at $3.7 billion.

Based on the success of Fight Back NY, Tim Gill intends to take
his activism national
in the next election and go after a large slate of
anti-gay politicians directly.

Retail sales point to a healthy holiday shopping season. Thanks to the day job, I already knew that.

On USA Network’s Character Approved Top Ten Influencers list, Lady Gaga appears prominently, along
with Foursquare (which I use daily,
unlike Facebook) and Alexander McQueen.
So a pretty queer list for a network without many gay characters.

Speaking of lists, Matt
of TV Guide made his,
and Modern Family is #2, while Glee is #7.

A California inmate convinced a judge to order him a special diet for
almost a year based on his belief in Festivus. No one could convince the judge
to watch Seinfeld. Just like no one
can convince me to watch Seinfeld.

Bravo’s knockoff for The
A List
is quite real, and expanding the cast to include an underwear model. They’re
talking about calling it The Plastics,
after Mean Girls. And they promise
less drama.

There is hope for polar bears after all, assuming they can learn to
speak Russian.

I want the videos of this cheap cat bed falling off the windows of the people who buy
it. But I doubt such videos exist, because the tricked kitties will have burned all copies, as well as exacted revenge.

AMC is picking up the western drama Hell On Wheels to series. Since it’s set just after the Civil
War, I doubt we’ll see any gay representation. Because there’s never been a gay
cowboy. Not one. has a poll up for the 2010 Star of the Year, and a lot of our favorites are on
it, including Kristen Chenoweth, Sean Hayes, Nathan Lane, Bernadette
, and Patti LuPone.

Katee Sackhoff has
been cast in a new series called Sexy
Evil Genius
about a woman and her friends involved in a romantic revenge plot. Strong women bent on revenge always
have a gay sidekick. It’s in the rules.

DADT–discharged veteran Pepe Johnson will hand deliver a petition to the only Democratic senator who voted against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t tell. That happens to be my
senator, Joe Manchin. In related
asshattery, Rep. Nick Rahall, also
mine, voted against the standalone repeal bill.

The co-director of Corpse
, Mike Johnson, has been
tapped to direct the dark
, adult stop-motion movie Oz Wars, set in the Wizard of
universe. That universe is getting a lot of work lately. It’s almost
like it’s a George Lucas property.

Paley Festival 2011 tickets aren’t available yet, but with the focus being on True Blood, Freaks and Geeks and Walking Dead, I bet you can find
a gay man with excellent taste planning on attending the festival.


Ricky Martin is on the cover of the new Attitude. He was quite the catch for the magazine, who says they flew a stylist to Miami to get the shots. And I’m sure that that stylist hated leaving the UK in November for Miami Beach. And the job was so difficult, a gray tank top!

Ricky’s never gotten this much U.S/UK press as he has since coming out.

This is Michael Urie. He’s standing on a rooftop. I believe the rooftop is located in Portland. Beyond that, I don’t have much context.

He looks much happier than his friend.

For these next images, we have a tale of two Christmas trees. It’s up to you to tell me which is more awesome, because I can’t decide. First up we have this Dalek Christmas tree.

Doctor Who is a Christmas staple.

But the other competitor is something unique to me as well. This is from the Gleeson Library in San Francisco. It’s pretty clever.

I assume they’re reference books of some kind.

I have never seen this, and that makes me sad. I feel that it should be a part of my holiday traditions, like sneaking a flask into large family gatherings.

I’m sure John Waters approves of my flask.

I am a little unclear about the timing of this beer ad. Or what they’re trying to say. It would be nice if were just concerned about wrinkled pants. But I’m pretty certain they’re going with a “real men sit legs spread wide” (cause their junk is SO big) concept. How about this, Miller: “Real men don’t drink that swill you bottle, they drink something with flavor, body and tradition.

Next time you see a Miller-sponsored Gay Pride float – boo and throw something at it.

This is the cover for Johnny Weir’s musical debut. Thoughts?

As you all know, the Weekly World News is the only source that my colleague snicks trusts. Since I trust snicks, that means this must be true. And the wedding photo answers the question conservatives always ask, “who’s the woman in the relationship?”

What if they have a child together?

This would have been an epic night at the club.

As you prepare to travel for the holidays, just remember that if you have to go through an airport, this is what you can look forward to. I have no idea why the man’s pants are down.

Or why the agent is kneeling.

Is this the Kardashian family Christmas card, an ad for Photoshop, or a failed 1980s night time soap opera? Can’t it be all three?

Someone though this was a good idea.

This is Glenn Close in drag for her new movie The Singular Life Of Albert Nobbs.

Tuesday night on The Colbert Report, David Boies was on to discuss Prop 8. I have to admit, this may have been one of the funniest sets I’ve ever seen Colbert do, and the lead up to the interview was brilliant. The interview happened in an odd time slot, after the opener, before the Twitter award, and Boies was not the headline guest. It appears this flew under all the blogs radar, including mine, and I watched the show.


Jimmy Fallon did a pretty great bit about Speaker-elect John Boehner’s habit of bursting into tears for every little thought that passes his mind. Anderson Cooper may like a man that cries, and I’m open to it, but I’d like to think there was a legitimate cause for tears. Boehner seems to cry like Glenn Beck. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this vein of late night comedy for at least the next two years.


Way back when, Tim Burton was going to make a Superman film, and he had a truly strange take on what the Man of Steel should look like. We’ve all seen stills of the glowing disco costume, but now the visual effects shop that designed it has released some footage of the process. I find the idea that it seems to be based on the color green somewhat disturbing, since Superman has had a bad relationship with green kryptonite. What do you think?


I have a day job now, so I haven’t had time to bake my traditional gingerbread cookies. But even if I did, I’m not sure I’d have time to create these little houses that perch on the edge of your coffee cup. On a side note, did you know they make gingerbread marshmallows now?


You know how we’re always ragging on Saturday Night Live about how bad it is? Well, Jeff Bridges is hosting this week, and based on the promos, maybe we should all preemptively lower our expectations.


If you have a kid to shop for this holiday season, or are just a kid at heart, maybe you can use this handy guide to buying a remote control helicopter. And if you’re the Secret Santa for a certain morning blogger, I love the quadricopter.


Former President Jimmy Carter thinks the country is getting ready to be able to accept a gay president. I think that’s silly, since under current laws, he would be a hard time being Commander In Chief of the armed forces, wouldn’t he?


A couple things about Christian Bale. First, what the heck happened to the hottie from American Psycho? And why does he know the theme to the Powerpuff Girls by heart?


Watch Darren Criss perform “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” for MTV. Sure, he screws it up, but does anyone really care?


And for an oldie-but-a-goodie, let’s take a trip back to 2007 and the the [title of show] show Christmas episode, with local favorite Cheyenne Jackson from before he got to be such a big TV guest star.


It’s supposed to be miserable here all day, with snow, sleet and freezing rain. So to warm me up, and you if you’re sharing my weather, here is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Rugby’s Finest 2011 Calendar. I have to admit, I don’t know the players, but Seb Stegman definitely presses on one’s…attention.

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