Morning Meme: St. Patrick’s Dinner At the Burtka-Harris Home, “American Reunion” Remembers That One Time At Band Camp, and Jesse McCartney Is All Grown Up In “Chernobyl Diaries”

As the Rolling Stones approach their 50th anniversary, Keith Richards says that he’s sorry that he talked so poorly of Mick Jagger in his book, particularly that Mick has Keith Richardsa “tiny todger.”

This American Life is retracting Mike Daisy’s report about Foxconn and the working conditions in Apple’s suppliers that triggered an independent audit. Daisy fabricated stories and facts, but TAL is taking the hit for airing them. “Daisey lied to me and to This American Life producer Brian Reed during the fact checking we did on the story, before it was broadcast. That doesn’t excuse the fact that we never should’ve put this on the air. In the end, this was our mistake. We’re horrified to have let something like this onto public radio.”

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, has announced he is retiring from the Anglican Church. Williams has tried to straddle the line on social issues such as gay rights throughout his tenure, pleasing positively no one. But his likely successor, the Archbishop of York, is much more conservative.

It was widely reported that President Obama came out against Amendment One in North Carolina last week. But as they note over at Towleroad, that statement doesn’t seem to have come from President Obama, or even the White House.

LuannThe comic strip Luann last week briefly flirted with a character being gay, for about a frame. But they did it with bad stereotypes about only children being raised by a single mother, so maybe we dodged a bullet with that one.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Decorah Eagle Cam, the eggs are likely to hatch this week, so you may as well tell your boss you won’t be productive at all while obsessively watching the eagles.

The jury in the Nicolette Sheridan Desperate Housewives wrongful termination lawsuit says they are hopelessly deadlocked. Just like the plotline of the show.

It turns out that the Rush Limbaugh show does have standards – they’ve rejected the advertisements from the Westboro Baptist Church. The ads were done in a Jeff Foxworthy-style of “You may be a slut if…”Governor Gary Herbert

Joe Clementi, father of Tyler Clementi, has released a statement in the wake of the guilty verdict on Dharun Ravi. It’s worth reading or watching the whole thing, but the gist of it boils down to “When you see somebody doing something wrong, tell them, ’That’s not right. Stop it.’”

Utah Governor Gary Herbert vetoed the state’s ridiculous abstinence-only sex education bill, which also included a powerful “don’t say gay” clause. Herbert took a common sense approach that the replacing existing opt-in sex education with abstinence-only, “I am convinced the existing statutory framework respects these two principles, while HB363 simply goes too far by constricting parental options.” It feels weird to have a governor talk about restricting parental choice when it’s removing the more liberal side.

The New York Times has a wonderful piece asking prominent gay entertainers which gay film changed their lives. I’m most in synch with Cheyenne Josie and the PussycatsJackson, who chose Beautiful Thing. It think it’s the choice for many men of a certain age – and coming of age.

Meanwhile, Frank Bruni was moved deeply by How To Survive a Plague, with the story of the early AIDS crisis and ACT UP galvanizing the community around the disease and the gay rights movement. It’s worth a read.

Josie and the Pussycats inspiration JosieDeCarlo has passed away. The story of how the comic came to be, and her love story with the author, Dan DeCarlo is touching.


David Burtka cooked a traditional Irish meal for St. Patrick’s Day and had loads of festive friends over. Neil looks as if that may not be his first glass of beer, and I say good for him – his middle name is “Patrick” after all, this is a special day!

Every plate looks like it was plated for Gordon Ramsey’s inspection

Grant Gustin also found some festivities for the day, and he got himself a leprechaun! I wonder if he’ll share the pot of gold?

Grant is sexier than Sebastian

 Sure I know it’s fake, but it’s still awesome

The folks at Newsweek (Hi, Brian!) took exception to my “lazy critique” that I remembered when Newsweek had actual news, and it wasn’t fair to judge them by the rare pop culture cover. This from a magazine that recently put the Republican presidential candidates on the cover Photoshopped like they were auditioning for Spartacus. There’s a reason I throw away their weekly offers to subscribe for 90+% off.

I do hear they used retro advertising, which might be fun, but still not news

Sean Maher, Cheeks and Jane Espenson, the nerd trifecta at WonderCon

 Modern Family has wrapped for their season, and it doesn’t look like Jesse Tyler Ferguson is too upset about having some time off from a weekly series.

Are they celebrating at a gas station parking lot?

Eric Stonestreet on WhoSay

It’s really not right that Scissor Sisters has two hot gay guys who like their pictures taken. How will other musicians ever get any attention.

And different, equally hot types of guys

This is a cool shot of Cory Monteith. Hats off to Harry Shum, Jr.

Gavin Creel’s hair keeps getting higher, and he keeps getting hotter

They showed footage from the upcoming sci-fi movie Looper at WonderCon, but I haven’t found it online yet. Fortunately for Morgan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put out these images of him being all badass in the movie.

Has JoGo been hitting the gym lately? He looks bigger

Seth Green says that he and David Blue had already had three shots of Jameson at this point, and were going for a fourth. I want to see the shot from an hour later.

St. Patrick’s Day leads smart people to do crazy things

Seth Green on WhoSay

The set of The Vampire Diaries had a cat give birth to all-black kittens, which seems appropriate. Ian Somerhalder has been guarding and feeding them until they’re old enough to be moved. It’s been funny watching him change the signs.

Damon is such a big softie when it comes to animals

That’s it, my future ex-husband, get right up to the edge of land, closer to me. Man, that sounds creepier than I intended. Sorry about that.

Still, look at him! Just look at him!

Here’s the team that got to spend a week with Gareth Thomas in Spandex



Clips keep flowing from American Reunion, and this is a sequel that, for a change, I can get into. It’s like attending your own high school reunion, but with better looking people and no one-upmanship on careers. This one is almost better for our sisters at though. What is it with this cast and desserts?


Meanwhile, I remain optimistic about Mirror Mirror. This extended clip of the “puppy love” potion is adorable, and full props to Armie Hammer because this can’t have been easy to create on his part. Does he have an improv background I missed?


I’m not a huge fan of things that go the found footage route, but Chernobyl Diaries seems to take a hybrid approach to your typical survival movie, and I can’t help but notice that Jesse McCartney has gown up quite well. Yes, I’m totally shallow.


It seems like it’s been a while since we checked in with Teddy, the porcupine that doesn’t like to share. For St. Patrick’s Day, Teddy got his favorite kind of pot of gold, a whole bunch of corn, which he still didn’t seem to want to share.


Ruin is a passion project, and is one of the most amazing animated shorts I’ve ever seen. It’s rare to see animation dip into post-apocalyptic realism like this, and I hope someone throw bags of money at them so they can make it a full-length film.


In the latest edition of Talk Nerdy To Me, Kermit and Walter sit down to dish on movies and super heroes, and what Miss Piggy is like. Frankly, I’m betting they knew she was on another continent before they  had this conversation.


I know that North Korea loves to highlight the power and infallibility of their leaders, but I think they’d be hard pressed to come up with something more amazing that The Adventures of Kim Jong Un.


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