Morning Meme: Taylor Kinney Joins “A Mann’s World,” Russell Tovey – Hero, and “Isn’t That Special!”

Just when you’re ready to write off Shia LaBeouf for a drunken bar fight, you find out he hit the guy because the guy called him a “f**king fagot Shia LaBeouf[sic].” And
just who is accusing the guy of uttering the slur? Why it’s the man himself,
bragging about provoking the Evens Stevens star.

Sophie B. Hawkin’s
decision to perform at conservative gay group GOProud’s reception at CPAC is angering some.I’m sure she’s just happy someone is
talking about her again.

Matthew Mitcham
is now in the Urban Dictionary, “The only openly gay male to
participate at the Beijing Olympics, he won gold at the Men’s 10m Platform
diving. He ruined China’s hopes of going 8 for 8. He fills a Speedo quite
beautifully, and is possibly the sexiest man on earth. He’s Australian, by the

The Daily Beast has a gallery of TV parents, and much like Jesse Tyler Ferguson, I’m amused that
right after Clair and Cliff Huxtable we have Mitchell and Cameron from Modern Family.

I just. I just…I don’t know what to say about this. Ilene Chaiken, known best for creating The L
and The Real L Word has headed to CBS to executive produce Hail Mary, a drama about
a surburban single mom who teams up with a street hustler to solve crimes. Is
it too much to hope the street hustler is actually a gay male hustler?

A gay couple in North Carolina, harassed for a year, had their home burned to the ground. Fortunately, they
weren’t home at the time, and Christina Aguilerasimply lost everything they owned, and not their

Yes, Christina
flubbed the lyrics to the national anthem. Sure, it’s going
to haunt her career forever. But at least she sang it live. Does anyone
remember when Roseanne sang the
national anthem?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich
has formerly inquired about the treatment of possibly-gay Bradley Manning, being held without
charges in the Wikileaks investigation.

After Disney formally boycotted the Annie Awards because of voting issues, Dreamworks pretty much swept the whole thing with How To Train Your Dragon.

Taylor Kinney,
most recently a sexy werewolf on Vampire Diaries has been booked into Michael
Patrick King
’s hairdresser pilot series A Mann’s World. He’ll
play a smoking hot guy pursued by women. So that’s two Taylor Kinneystraight male
hairdressers on one show in Beverly Hills? Stereotypes shattered.

I just love that Jane
is telling People “My wife looks fantastic in a

Oh – and Jane’s dream role? Something on Absolutely
, if they do make some more of the show. Can somebody please
make that happen?

Has anyone else tried The Daily, the iPad-only daily news magazine? I don’t get it. I can’t
share the content, the news is a day or more old, and the iTunes-style
interface isn’t really conducive to news. Am I missing something?

American Idol is set to release a 10th Anniversary album with
mostly their winners getting a song each. But since the two gays listed on the
album, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken came in second, not to
mention Daughtry, who came in
fourth, which first place contestants don’t rate at all? And isn’t the fact I
can’t remember who is missing indicative of how over they are?

The HRC has released their 2011 Buyers Guide,
telling you where you should shop, eat, and generally spend your pink dollars.
I’m happy my Princeday job rates 100% (and am assuming my night job here does), but
remember, they gave Target 100% last year too.

Prince canceled a pricey concert in Dallas to benefit the
Goss-Michael Foundation, set up by George
and his longtime partner Kenny
to benefit the arts. The organizing company evidently had some serious
issues with financing the concert, and Prince never left home.

In case House members wanting to create an “Internet Kill
Switch” had you worried hackers
could open the flood gates
on the Hoover Dam, not to worry, security for
internet intrusions at Hoover Dam is air tight. It’s not connected to the
Internet at all.

Author Charlie Stross
wrote what I found to be an amusing account of what he goes through trying to identify automated bot spam on his website. He, like us, is
mostly making it up as he goes.

I have to say, I’m completely disgusted with for giving homophobe Orson
Scott Card
podcast time. I know there are GLBT on staff there, and that’s
just sad.

Jesse McCartney is set to star in the new Locke & Key drama on
Fox. I never thought I’d say it, but Jesse has grown up to be quite a hunk.

Finally, a good use for silk underwear.

I admit to curiosity for the upcoming movie Judas Kiss. With a very gay theme, Timo Descamps, and adult star Brent Corrigan branching further into “legitimate” acting, I’d have to be dead to not care. Then Timo tweets photos like this, and I figure I can always watch it on mute if I need to.

Julia Morizawa, Tellier Killaby, Brent Corrigan, Timo Descamps

Lady Gaga tweeted out her Vogue cover, noting that as a child she’d been teased for her “rabbit teeth” and now she was a Vogue cover girl.

She was born with pink hair?

Russell Tovey received the SFX Cult Hero Award this weekend at the SFX Awards. I’m guessing he came straight from the Being Human set, because George’s wardrobe looks terribly out of place in this picture.

Russell can be my hero any time.

Miss Coco Peru sent out news that she was hard at work on set with Evie Harris, Varla, and the new Stevie (sorry, snicks, not that Stevie). I can’t wait!

I bet Miss Coco loves being the thin one.

When he tweeted pictures of himself in the hot tub at the ski resort, I noted that there was more meat on out songbird Joe McElderry that I had expected. And this is how he gets it.

Those guns are about ready for the show.

Kathy Griffin and Cher are such besties that they share clothes.

Sean Hayes found an alternative to football over the weekend, sailing. He even saw some seals. It does look cold though.

Gay guys can find alternative sports for Super Bowl weekend.

We’d been mentioning that Stephen Wallem and Edie Falco were doing cabaret in New York City under the name The Other Steve and Edie. Stephen tweeted this image from opening night. I really wish I could have gone.

Don’t stare directly into Edie’s top if the spotlight is on.

After days of allowing snicks to write my column, and his ceaseless promotion of the Evil Feline Agenda, including Cute Boys with Cats, I feel the need to counter with this hedgehog, and I’m going to presume his cute owner. Because the hedgehog is adorable, I’m sure it rubbed off on the owner.

I want a pet hedgehog.

We’ve had our own issues with certain websites lifting entire articles from us wholesale, with no credit. So when I was reading the renew/cancellation index over at TV By the Numbers, I was amused to see them taking action to slow down the same sites from just cutting and pasting their original content. I see that they’ve now removed it, but not before I got a screen shot.

We feel your pain.

Here’s something from Glee we don’t often see – the writers. Ian Brennan, Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk, sitting in Mr. Schuester’s office, courtesy of Brad’s Twitter.

What is Ryan Murphy wearing?

This masterpiece I can’t vouch for, but it seems likely. And as much as I truly dislike Katy Perry, they really didn’t have to do that much work on her to get a cover shot.

But why isn’t someone around to touch up my photos so I look good?


As long as we’re talking about Katy Perry, she’s about to tour with Robyn as her opening act. But time and time again when asked about Perry’s music, Robyn has begged off answering. And I love her for it.


There’s something stunning about this video of Iceland, as is succumbs to winter, yet has a volcanic eruption. It’s beautiful, but I keep hearing a voice in my head going “I wonder what caused hell to freeze over, however briefly?”


I’m utterly amused by the owner of this strip club in Seattle taking the position that Seattle hates people who create jobs. It’s such a weird juxtaposition of the right’s pro-business stance being taken by something most of the right would call immoral. And honestly, if the front of the building isn’t floor to ceiling windows, I’m not sure why it matters if it’s across the street from a school.


I’m going to guess that Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras’ “Say Something” campaign is something akin to our “It Gets Better” program. In any case, here’s a message from out hunky singer Anthony Callea.


China’s Sports Illustrated devoted an entire issue to out athletes, which is impressive for a country whose stance on gay rights is uneven (not unlike the U.S., but different). I wonder if the U.S. version will do the same? They should at least be able to manage a leaflet.


Somewhat similar to both “It Gets Better” and “Say Something” is the “Athlete Ally” program that wrestler Hudson Taylor is running, getting straight athletes to sign on as allies to create safe spaces for gay athletes. In this case, the video is from a gay crew member from Rutgers, vowing to create a welcoming space for other out athletes. And if I can just be a bit shallow here, he’s adorable, and I love the sexy morning voice.


This isn’t the newest video from the Red Bull Winch Series, but the visuals of Josh Tranby wakeboarding in a cranberry bog are just too beautiful to ignore.


On Tuesday’s Glee, Santana gets confronted for being mean. And the truly meanest person in the glee club (Rachel) really lets her have it. But it’s the end, that last line from Santana is what makes her my Spirit Animal. She gets me.


This mattress commercial for Swiss furniture company Pfister is hysterical. We’re all entitled to our fantasies.


Katie Couric filmed a lot of her time on the set of Glee, and has slowly been posting it. She admitted that she had a favorite character in Kurt, and it shows when she meets Chris Colfer.


I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the first 30 minutes of Saturday Night Live with Dana Carvey this week. It could be because all my favorites were back, the cast from 1986-1993, with skits like Wayne’s World and Church Chat. I’m of the firm belief that other than the original cast, most people love the SNL of their high school/college years the best. And 86-93 were those years for me. One year of my high school yearbook was themed around Church Chat. So seeing the Church Lady take on the Kardashians, Snooki, and Justin Bieber was like heaven for me.


Family Feud continues to evolve with the times. And if you read me regularly, you know I’m not a fan of organized religion. So the order of these answers really amused me.


Bryan Safi was back as his alter ego of Brock-Cody Stewart Thomas to discuss the Super Bowl with a Maria Menouos clone. It’s not my favorite bit from him, but even when I’m not on board, he’s still pretty funny.


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