Morning Meme: The Devil Loves The Gays, a Drop of “True Blood,” and Mr. Rogers As a Cardigan-Wearing Zombie

Is Lafayette only
with Jesus on True Blood because he’s bewitched? That might bother me. I think
Lafayette deserves a chance at Lafayette and Jesushappiness.

When George Will decides you’re not a serious candidate for the Republican
nomination, you’re probably not. When George
calls you a “vibrator” it probably just means he doesn’t know what the
word means.

Reports are out that the late Alexander McQueen’s label will design the royal wedding gown.

There’s really very little doubt that Bradley Manning is being tortured. Forced nudity, solitary confinement, disrupted
sleep – none of that would be permissible if he were a prisoner of war. Why isn’t
there more outrage over this?

George MichaelGeorge Michael says that his jail time was karma, and he deserved it. And
he’s happy to have paid his debt to society. I wonder if this a little image
rehab before he becomes a judge on The X Factor USA.

Locally, the state-level ENDA has died a quiet
death in West Virginia
after committees in neither the House or the Senate
bothered taking up the issue.

I’m flying at the end of the week, and I’m hoping against
hope that I have a smooth flight with no delays. But if I get stuck in an
airport, I hope that Cyndi Lauper grabs a PA microphone and sings “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

As Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell begins a death spiral, gay soldiers
are starting to slowly air their stories, even if it’s only after their death. And some were always
out in their combat unit, and nobody cared.

Billy Joel is about to write an autobiography, covering everything
from the origins of his famous songs to his marriages.

At the 42nd
Annual NAACP Image Awards
, Sofia
won for Best Supporting Actress, and Regina King won for her support of Officer Cuddleybear on Southland.Rango

Rango opened to $38 million this weekend, but was still
considered soft. Beastly bombed with a $10.1 million opening.

Could Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark be
fixed? Someone besides Glenn Beck likes it now. And nobody has been hurt recently, though the
old accidents just cost them $12k in fines from the feds.

Rachel Maddow is now the hottest thing on cable news that isn’t Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity. See, when you say it like that, it’s not nearly as
exciting as headlines on leftie sites made it seem.

David Arquette is
taking his recovery very seriously. After a fairly serious car accident he refused pain medication forDavid Arquette fear of compromising his

Is Harvard jumping the gun allowing ROTC back on campus before additional protections
are put in place for out soldiers?

Julianne Moore has joined Robert
in Another Bulls**t Night in Suck City, which I would totally see
if it keeps that title.

Maggie Gallagher
is going to be telling lies about marriage equality and taking questions from
callers on C-SPAN 8:30AM-9:15 AM today.


I had marked this picture of the stunning (if a little intimidating) Denis O’Hare a week ago and misplaced it. He’s hanging out with Josh Charles. Since they’re smiling, I’m going to assume the dark suits don’t mean “funeral.”

How long until Russell Eddington is back on True Blood?

This is the first picture of Korra, the new heroine from Nickelodeon’s The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra, which has her becoming the avatar after Ang.

Maybe this can wash the memory of the movie from my brain.

Here’s singer/songwriter Kevin Cahoon with Justin Mikita and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. They appear to be living the life that I want. I wonder if they’d share?

They need to share the good looks too.

These are Kevin McDaid and Mark Feehily’s babies. How adorable are they?

Ken Jennings was the most successful Jeopardy! champion of all time. After cleaning out Alex Trebek and the gang, I imagine he just sits around thinking profound thoughts on a La Z Boy recliner made of gold. This is a favorite of mine.

Dilemma: Afraid of zombies, love Mr. Rogers.

Sure, Up was a shockingly good movie that plucked the emotions like a fiddle. But could you actually fly a house? Some people wanted to find out. They cheated a little by building a custom house for the job, but the results are still fairly amazing.


It turns out God loves the gays. And the devil is pretty fond of us as well, despite our tendency to fix up declining neighborhoods with our real estate makeovers.


I still maintain, despite vociferous opposition in the Weekend Meme, that Gwyneth Paltrow takes AutoTune to whole new levels. And seeing her do “Do You Wanna Touch Me,” which needs a rough rock edge just makes me more certain I’m right. But like all spontaneous Glee performances, there’s a lot of fun if you just ride the wave. Brittany really gets her ’tude on.


At least on Wednesday night, we get our crazy with a bit more focus. Like watching Allison Janney beat the stuffing out of Smurfette on Mr. Sunshine, which I’m really warming to.


Kung Fu Panda 2 has a trailer. I want to be excited about it, but I’m sick of sequels, and I wasn’t that fond of the original. Still, I’m sure it will be a huge hit.


Which is why I find myself excited about Dylan Dog: Dead of Night. I know it has comic book origins, but at least it’s a new franchise. And it’s got some good lines without being gimmcky. Plus Brandon Routh is fine to look at.


I don’t have an exact angle for putting “How Good” by Dave Patten here. Other than the opening scene with the girl, it could be gender neutral concerning who he’s hanging out with in Miami Beach, a notoriously gay city. And the only people after the opening scene are hot guys. So I can pretend it’s about a dude. Plus Dave is adorable. And it snowed here on Sunday, and I liked looking at the palm trees. Just watch.


Gender bending male model Andrej Pejic has been walking a lot of women’s wear shows. But he’s still a male, and happy that way. Which is why the headline for this interview bugs the hell out of me. It was a brief joke that the interviewer led him into. Today in unfortunate headlines: “Andrej Pejic: I would consider a sex-change for Victoria’s Secret”


Waiting sucks. Especially when you’re waiting for a shirtless Eric Northman who doesn’t know anything about himself and is completely trusting. Come on, True Blood, I can’t wait forever!


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