Morning Meme: “The Gymnast” Twists and Turns, ABBA To Do “Something,” and the Return of the Flaming Moe

Color me surprised that the #1 movie of 2010 according to Quentin Tarantino is Toy
Story 3
. I loved it, but I just can’t wrap my mind around Tarantino
watching Toy Story 3, much less
loving it.

Chuck Berry,
easily one of the longest performing and most dynamic figures in rock and roll,
collapsed on stage in Chicago. The 84-year-old twice tried
to return to the stage to finish the concert, making me feel really lazy about
that pile of laundry in the corner.

Newly emboldened House Republicans plan to make an early vote on repealing health care reform.
No one expects them to succeed, but it does set the tone for the next two
years, and they could still choke reform off with funding issues. Sadly, I fear
many of their constituents will die for lack of care before these asshats die
of old age.

Comments from ABBA’s
Agnetha Faltskog that she could see the band doing something together in the near
future has the internet buzzing and snicks
hyperventilating. She’s ruled out a full blown tour like the Rolling Stones,
but it could still be “something.”

Guess what? Pastor
Tom Daniels
of Rio Linda in California was a major supporter of Prop 8,
which stripped the right to marry from GLBT couples. He’s also been arrested for suspicion of multiple cases of
child molestation.

We may complain that Glee
violates the laws of good narrative each week, but it appears that 30 Rock is most likely to violate laws, at least workplace laws and

The Navy has opened a
formal investigation
into Captain
, and his use of government equipment aboard the aircraft carrier
Enterprise to produce and distribute anti-gay, homophobic short films, along
with misogyny and sexist propaganda. Who wants to bet at worst he retires with
full pension and benefits?

Lady Gaga says
that the single “Born This Way” will drop in February, but we’ll have to wait
until May for the full album.

We showed you the movie-themed Seattle Quake rugby calendar a few weeks ago, and now thanks to a
spy I have in Seattle, we can refer you to team tryouts that are now underway. You
know, just so you can report how much Photoshop was used.

David Arquette
partied hard for New Year’s, then
checked himself into rehab
for alcohol and depression. Arquette has been on
quite a tear since separating from his wife Courtney Cox in October.

According to gay rights movement legend Desiree Reneee
, Frank Kameny, while an important figure in gay history, was the founder of the assimilationist movement, and not
the counter culture figure we tend to revere him as.

Even the Radio Shack CEO doesn’t know how they’re still in business.

Toy Story goes to Hawaii in a new short to appear before Cars 2.

What’s your GLBT news IQ for 2010?

What little faith I had in American taste is being destroyed
by the continued success of Little
at the box office.


Darren Criss seems to have the whole “dapper” thing down. With just a touch of fey. His hair looks even shorter now than it did before Christmas.

The cane makes me think Fred Astair.

The Simpsons is going back to the “Flaming Mo” well on January 16th, when Smithers helps Moe turn the bar into “Mo’s” and it quickly becomes the local gay bar. Moe’s new customers teach him the meaning of tolerance. Grady, pictured, is voiced by Kids In the Hall’s Scott Thompson.

Had to be the sweater around the shoulders

From the same episode, Kristen Wiig and Alison Hannigan play a mother-daughter pair that try and get with Principal Skinner and Bart. I assume Wiig will do her high pitched, funny talk routine, since that’s about all she’s got. But I love Willow!

Why did it have to be Wiig?

This is a rare miniature panda calf. It’s just an oddity of the cow breed, but will likely fetch $30k+ at auction. I don’t know what would be more cruel, slaughter it for a steak, or let it become a living accessory for Paris Hilton.

It really is cute.

This picture came from Dave Navarro, but I assume it’s from the new Hot Topic coffin line

But what did they do to make the unicorns cry?


Ninja kitty!

Well, this is a mystery. More than 1,000 dead birds rained down on a small Arkansas town. Alfred Hitchcock was initially suspected, but then they realized that he’d been dead for years.


MTV put Snooki in a giant lighted hamster ball and dropped her for New Year’s Eve in New Jersey. Which seems a perfect metaphor for New Jersey vs. New York, where a Waterford Crystal ball dropped. Snooki escaped unharmed, and ran wild through the shore for the rest of the weekend.


The annual Coney Island Polar Bear Club jumped in freezing water for New Years. It’s presumed to be the ultimate cold shower for those that didn’t score the night before.


Kung Fu Panda 2 continues to play up the fact that Jack Black’s panda isn’t that bright. Like we had any doubt.


The Gymnast follows a story of a competitive female gymnast who falls for a female aerialist in a show she joins after an injury ends her competitive career. It’s done the festival circuit and been very successful.


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