Morning Meme: Thomas Roberts Talks The Ali Forney Center with Ally Sheedy, Ellen Laughs At Her “SNL” Doppleganger, and the Science of Morning Wood

Frank Ocean performed an intimate set for fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld for the French homecoming Frank Oceanof the Chanel Project. Karl reportedly stood on a couch for the whole set. Could this be a new collaboration between two great artists?

David Geffen’s American Masters: Inventing David Geffen seems an odd choice for the iconic series, since he’s not an actor or a musician. But his influence on the field of entertainment is immense, with stars like Joni Mitchell, Guns N Roses and Cher in his past, the founding of Dreamworks, and numerous theater musicals. He’s a wealthy man, valued at $5.5 billion. “In each decade, he has done something that has affected the culture. If I had to boil it down to one thing it would be his genius at business.”

Star Trek Into DarknessWe’re still without a trailer, or even a plot synopsis for Star Trek Into Darkness, but next month, on December 14th, you’ll be able to watch the first nine minutes of the movie at IMAX theaters, assuming you’re lucky enough to live near one.

While the movement to have Macy’s drop Donald Trump from their stores and advertising campaigns continues to garner major support, Macy’s doesn’t seem interested in firing The Donald. “Macy’s marketing and merchandise offerings are not representative of any political position. Many of the individuals associated with products sold at Macy’s — or at any retailer, for that matter — express personal opinions that are not related to the merchandise we sell or to the philosophies of our company.”

Ahh, Texas, you seldom fail to amuse me. Rep. Louie Gohmert nominated Newt Gingrich to be the Speaker of the House, saying there were no rules that the Speaker had to be a sitting member. Speaker Boehner easily won the election however, and said “Louie, I love you too.”

Triplets, the sequel to Twins, appears to be happening, with Josh Gad taking on writing duties thatTwins will see Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger discover that Eddie Murphy is their missing triplet. When the sequel to this happens, I vote that Jai Rodriquez becomes the Quint.

The name of the shirtless FBI agent who was removed from the David Patraeus investigation has been revealed, but he claims the shirtless pictures he sent were years ago, because he knew Jill Kelly socially.

President Obama has nominated Judge William L. Thomas, a gay African-American jurist to the federal bench in South Florida. He urged Congress to confirm his appointees, many of which have languished.

Kevin Clash hasn’t returned to Sesame Street yet, with Sesame Workshop saying that he had requested extra time off to put the non-scandal behind him. I’m just hopeful that this is really the reason, and he hasn’t had his reputation damaged by the whole incident. Something I didn’t know was that Clash has won 21 Emmys for his work on Sesame Street.

The Human Rights Campaign has released their annual Best Places to Work guide. I’m happy to say that my day job made the list with Seth Gable100%, though oddly, our parent company, Viacom isn’t on the list.

According to Broadway World, The Normal Heart won’t be heading to theaters, because Ryan Murphy has secured $15 million in funding to make it as a miniseries for HBO.

Seth Gable has been cast as Arrow’s version of Vertigo, even if the character won’t be named that in the series. The drug which takes Starling City by storm will be named that, however.


 GQ held their Man of the Year Awards, and it brought out much of handsome Hollywood. We’ll start with Darren Criss, Michael Trevino, Harry Shum, Jr., and Colton Haynes hanging out together.

Darren shows too much enthusiasm, while Colton looks magazine shoot ready

 The Glee boys were popular, with James Van Der Beek sharing tips on being a teen idol

 Wherever John Barrowman goes, a hot man ends up in his lap. How do I make that happen for me?

 P!nk rocking Givenchy. But P!nk could rock a WalMart sweatsuit

 Elaine Stritch filmed 30 Rock in Central Park with Alec Baldwin

 Hopefully Rebel Wilson is corrupting Zac Efron beyond Disney redemption


I’m yet to see Skyfall, but any good Bond movie has an artsy opening sequence, most of which were done by Daniel Kleinman, except for Quantum of Solace. He’s back, and I suppose the title sequence stays true to theme, but somehow, it reminds me of a screensaver.


The NewNowNext Sexpert Conner Habib is back with some advice, this time about how to become friends with your ex. His best friend is his own ex, Jeb Havens, and he brought him in to help answer this question. It turns out becoming friends with your ex can be a bit more complicated for same-sex couples, but not impossible. One key takeaway: stop having sex with them.

The gay parenting series The Vessel has a trailer. It seems like a British take on The New Normal, but that could just be because that’s the big surrogacy storyline I’m most familiar with. I know we’ve got a lot of gay parents, and folks who hope to be, so maybe this will resonate more with you than me. I recently committed to a small bamboo plant, but that’s as much responsibility as I’m taking on myself.


Never let it be said that Ellen DeGeneres can’t take a joke. She saw Kate McKinnon’s take on her on Saturday Night Live, and while I think she found it a bit disconcerting, that’s not going to stop her from laughing along with the joke.


Tim Tebow has taken the obvious step of becoming a spokesperson for TiVo, what with the name sounding so much like his. Tebow is reportedly dating right now, so maybe he won’t have as much time for television. I’ve seen worse jobs by celebrities reading off a teleprompter than this, but I wouldn’t quit your day job, Tim. Except your team seems to have almost quit you already.


Jimmy Kimmel proves that you can take two awful things and create something wonderful when he casts Honey Boo Boo as the daughter for Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn. That might actually be watchable.


Carrie Fisher went on The Talk and discussed her vision of the upcoming Star Wars movie, along with the health and humor of her mother, Debbie Reynolds. It’s a shame this wasn’t a cable show, because then we could learn what was said in the hospital.


While we’ve gotten used to CGI for most of our special effects, there’s still a place for animatronics in the world, and few are masters of the art like Gustav Hoegen, who has shared his sizzle reel. Everytime the scene changed, my jaw dropped a little more.


Thomas Roberts sat down with Ally Sheedy to talk about the destruction of the drop in center for The Ali Forney Center in New York City, and the benefit that was cohosted by Sheedy this weekend to help them rebuild. If you can spare any more at all for The Ali Forney Center, please give to help them get back on their feet. I’ve spoken to Carl Siciliano in the past, and this man doesn’t run a homeless center, he’s on a quest to save GLBT kids, and it’s his life.

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Science ASAP takes a moment to explain an issue that all men have to deal with, morning wood. It doesn’t seem to matter how tired we are or how old we are, we still wake up many mornings pitching a tent, and wondering why that happened, and if we enjoyed it. Sadly, the science of morning wood doesn’t support your hope that you were having hot sex with Russell Tovey in a dream just before you woke up. And if you were, hands off, that’s my future ex-husband you’re dreaming about!


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