Morning Meme: Tom Cruise Advises Studly Jonathan Lipnicki, the Lafayette Theory of “True Blood” and Doris Day Writes AIDS/Lifecycle In Memory of Rock Hudson

We’re going to start off with a tear jerker, with A Letter To My Future Son, From a Future Gay Father. I’ll wait while you get a tissue, because this is the greatest thing you’ll read today.Mia Michaels

Somehow, this turned into a Tom Cruise-heavy Meme. First up, we have Mia Michaels talking about helping Tom Cruise master his moves for Rock of Ages. “My hands were all over him at all times, but when you’re working, you don’t think about that. My hands were inside his pants at one point, pulling him, pulling his pubes, and it was just part of the choreography. It was just very funny, because when you’re in the dance, it doesn’t matter. It’s about if it’s right, and if it is, let’s go with it.”

Next, we have the news that Tom Cruise insisted on authenticity and had as*less chaps for the shoot. I’m no expert, but all thought all chaps were made that way?

Finally, Jonathan Lipnicki, who is all grown up and sexy now after starring with Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire all those years ago, managed to drop in on Cruise for some career advice. “We sat out on the patio to his house and talked about acting. He Jonathan Lipnickiputs a lot of emphasis on being polite and manners and being on time. He said to always keep yourself busy, because then you’ll always be motivated to be creative.”

Katherine Long showed up to Central Park with a Rent-a-Dog sign, charging $5 for 20 minutes with the dog. She was drawing attention to shelter pups, but managed to bring a lot of joy to New Yorkers who want dogs but don’t necessarily have living situations that allow them. No doubt the dog was used to pick up many a cute boy that day.

Just when you thought Bachelor Pad couldn’t get any trashier, they’ve announced that a pair of (female) twins will be competing on the STD farm as a single person. You have to hand it to ABC though, they actually managed to cast a threeway.

Do you remember that awesome, yet disturbing, remix of Mister Rogers I ran a few days ago? PBS emailed me to let me know that it was now downloadable for free as an MP3, which I think someone actually asked for in the comments. Upper right corner.

Here are 50 Reasons To See Magic Mike, with helpful green arrows. Like you needed a reason. Someone on Tumblr (who used to work for Logo) said he was going to make sure to pay for his ticket entirely with singles. I think that’s brilliant.

If you recall a few years ago, after the flap with the deplorable way the Daily Mail dealt with the death of Stephen Gately, they hired a gay editor, Andrew Pierce, who has since written several remarkably anti-gay pieces for the paper. His crowning achievement has to be coming out against marriage equality.

A new (small) study says that people who cheat are much more likely to pass on an STD to their partner than people who have an open relationship.Lafayette

The Lafayette Theory of True Blood says that if Lafayette is engaged in a good storyline, the show really shines, but when he’s forced to the edges or to not be Lafayette, the entire show goes off the rails.

An Oregon court has opened the Boy Scout’s “perversion files” which detail that between 1965 and 1985, an average of 60 Scout Leaders or volunteers were found to have molested children.

While details are scarce, the Pentagon is preparing a ceremony honoring GLB service members this Pride month, a huge step so soon after the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says that it’s important to recognize the contributions of gay troops, just like the Pentagon recognizes racial or ethnic groups.

Matt BomerMatt Bomer evidently had to do some manscaping to pull off the costume in Magic Mike. “We all had to go there. I’m not going to say it was fun, and personally I will never do it again, but for that project it was necessary. We were all in the boat together. What was important to me was to tell the story authentically, and I wanted to reflect what the dancers in real life do. And that’s part of their job.” I wonder if he did his own work, or had some help?

But as for Father’s Day, he doesn’t have big plans. “I don’t expect anything, but the kids always do something nice for us, like [make] a photo album. Something very family-oriented, obviously.”

A new computer program has been designed that can predict with about 50% accuracy what side effects a given drug will have without requiring human testing, all based on known compounds. They expect that the accuracy can be refined considerably, which could speed an easy life saving drugs to market.

So Burger King has introduced a sundae with chocolate, caramel and bacon. It has 510 calories. And is so not on my new healthy diet, which is a pity, because I really want to try it. Would it be wrong to buy one and just have one spoonful?

I’ve been reading the outrage that the photo of two soldiers holding hands that the Israeli Defense Forces published on their Facebook page was staged, with one of the soldiers being straight. I don’t get the issue with it – it wasn’t a salute to one couple, it was an affirmation of support to all gay soldiers. The fact that one of the soldiers was straight in some ways makes it better.

Newsies’ Jeremy Jordan has been cast in one of the new roles on Smash, but it’s not the gay one. He’ll be playing a singer with a self-destructive personality. Jeremy JordanTelevision is really starting to pick up Broadway talent, aren’t they? Andrew Rannells, Josh Gad, and Jeremy all this year from top shows.

Since we started on an emotional note, we should finish on one with HyperVocal founder Slade Sohmer’s Letter To My Closeted Friend. It’s a beautiful story of hope, being true, and the fact that it does get better, and with a hot husband.

 Colton Haynes celebrates with Will Poulter, Jared Murillo, and Shawn Pyfrom

 Possibly too cute for words

 Does anyone find Kathy Griffin and Lance Bass’ current friendship weird after all the sh*t she gave him for years?

 Also pictured, AJ McClane

 So Bryan Fuller put out this image of Eddie Izzard at a costume fitting for Mockingbird Lane. This is evidently the look for Grandpa Munster. Does anyone have any idea what direction they’re taking with this, because I’m confused?

What vampire in history ever dressed like this?

 From the set of Warehouse 13, Eddie McClintock, Saul Rubinek, Brent Spiner, and the mastermind of it all, Jack Kenny. I’m working on my interview with Jack Kenny to run later this month.

 Honestly, this set has to be the most fun to work on

Matthew Mitcham went jeans shopping at Mavi. I wonder who got to help with the fitting?

Being the super gay ally that she is, Pauley Perette makes sure to share what Mr. Palmer has been hiding under his labcoat all these years.

When I watched NCIS, I was always convinced Mr. palmer had to be gay

Ahh, simpler times when no one batted an eye at something like this

Russell Tovey, Matthew Cain, and Stevie Webb get all dressed up


 The new trailer for Pitch Perfect is out, which is obviously trying to ride just a bit on the coattails of both Glee and the Step Up movies. Still, it’s from Avenue Q director Jason Moore, and there are a lot of abs on display in this story of competitive a cappella groups, so it could work.


At AIDS/Lifecycle, there was a touching moment when they got a letter from a very special lady – Doris Day, who thanked them for all they were doing, and remembered her friend Rock Hudson.


Andrew Garfield really does have spectacular bedhead. I don’t know how he does it, and evidently neither does Emma Stone.


Coca-Cola reminds us that security cameras capture not only crime, but many moments of small joy in the world. And the world needs more moments of small joy, don’t you think?


I can’t decide which song is going to be parodied more, “Call Me Maybe” or “What Makes You Beautiful.” But this “What Makes You Homosexual” made me laugh out loud as they try and help their friend out of the closet in the most ham handed way possible.


Cars Land is opening this weekend at Disneyland, and I think this little ad for it is pitch perfect for Disney. Totally worth sticking around to the end for the surprise.


Blow Job, by Tadao Cern. Probably not what you’re expecting.


For a Good Time Call echoes Don’t Trust the B**** In Apt. 23 in a lot of ways, with a bad girl and good girl rooming in a fabulous apartment, which they end up paying for by operating a phone sex hotline. This is incredibly NSFW, both aurally and visually.


Just to show there are no hard feelings about CaTuesday, I present synchronized kittens. I really need to figure out how they did this so that I can mesmerize the cat assasins when they come for me.


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