Morning Meme: Uggie Retires, Mixed Signals From Liam Hemsworth’s Birthday Cake, and Starkids (and Darren Criss) Invade VH1

I want to take a moment and extend my thoughts and condolences to Dustin Lance Black, who lost his brother, his protector, Marcus, to cancer this weekend.Dustin Lance Black

Speaking in Florida Wednesday, Newt Gingrich promised that by the second term of his presidency America would have a permanent base on the moon. As much as I want our space program back to glory, I can’t stomach one term of Newt, much less two.

There’s a great article on the ambitious production of Giant that Matt Doyle is a part of in Dallas, and the hopes it has for Broadway.

I don’t know what to say about these images of Miley Cyrus molesting the giant penis birthday cake from her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s birthday party. I can’t get past the fact that he has a giant chocolate icing red velvet penis cake for his birthday to think about her vamping.

UggieUggie, snubbed for an Oscar but up for a Golden Collar Award, is retiring from films at the ripe old age of 10. Frankly, even in dog years, Betty White thinks he’s a slacker.

Registration is now open for the 2012 Homo Climbtastic Convention for rock climbers. It takes place about 10 miles from my house, but I don’t rock climb, and they’ve never seemed open to an audience.

A while back I had mentioned that Kirstie Ally was starting a new dancing weight loss system after the success she enjoyed on Dancing With the Stars, and she’d be doing a series of dance routines with other stars and posting them. She stopped by Priscilla, Queen of the Desert for a disco lesson from Nick Adams.

I’ve got a lot of conflicts about the Boy Scouts. They went to a lot of trouble to exclude gay kids and gay families, so I hold a grudge. But locally, they’re opening a huge 13,000 acre preserve for their Jamborees, and it’s a huge economic boon to the area, and the visitor center has people I deal with daily who are great people. So I’m glad to hear the national organization has embraced GLSEN’s National No-Name Calling Week. Maybe their stance is softening?

Armie Hammer was arrested in Texas for pot possession back in November, but with less than 4 ounces spread into cookies and brownies, he hasn’t beenArmie Hammer charged with anything.

The story that’s circulating about Demi Moore’s ambulance ride is that she was doing whip-its when she passed out. Who does whip-its at her age (which is close to my age)? I mean sure, teenagers and college students do it, but grown ups?

Would you be surprised to learn that Kim Kardashian has a Google Alert set up for herself? No? Me either.

Colin Hanks is set to guest star on Happy Endings, but he won’t be a love complication for Max, but interacting with Dave through the food truck.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan is headed to Once Upon a Time for an unnamed role. He’s already played a gay prince of course.

Steven Spielberg has almost committed to directing an epic based on Moses. It won’t be in 3D, but the studio wants Spielberg to direct it in the gritty reality style of Saving Private Ryan. ”There have been glossy versions of the Moses story but this would be a real warrior story.”

ABBAI can’t believe that snicks missed reporting that ABBA is set to release a new song. “From a Twinkling Star to a Passing Angel” is described as a “demo medley” and will appear on the upcoming deluxe edition re-release of their album The Visitors.

Fleshlight’s iPad case is a real thing. You will soon be able to buy it and consummate your relationship with your iDevice.

The embarrassing “SHCOOL X-ING” outside a Manhattan school has been removed with heavy machinery after the New York Post published a picture of the spelling error, which had been affixed to the pavement since 2010.

New Jersey Democrats blasted Governor Chris Christie for saying he wants to put marriage equality on the ballot for citizens to vote on. “[Marriage equality] is a civil right, which is already guaranteed in our Constitution. It’s up to the Legislature to guarantee these rights.”

Vulture took the news that both CBS and The CW were developing separate Beauty and the Beast projects and wrote up quick ideas for seven other networks’ versions, from USA to OWN to TLC.  So I’m challenging you, the readers, to write a synopsis for a Beauty and the Beast for LOGO. Ideas?

Matthew Mitcham tweeted an image of his puppy Louis, who likes to sleep in the shower. But I was much more interested in this image he tweeted out with the title “puppylove.”

I might be a little bit in puppy love with Matthew Mitcham

 I really want to unsee this image of Conan and Andy

 The other day I asked how Gavin Creel could get away with that haircut. Someone smart told me because my brain knew there was an awesome body attached to it. This picture gives a hint of that lovely hairy body.

I wonder where he’s flying off to?

 Nobody liked the spilled milk joke

 It’s been a while since we featured Cassidy Haley on here – did he turn evil while I wasn’t looking? Doesn’t matter to me, I like evil.

The beard is sexy. And a little evil.

Chord Overstreet can evidently use that Trouty Mouth to take huge bites of an apple, according to Lea Michele.

Big mouth boys with nice lips have many uses

 I’m mostly a Farmers – how about you?

I know people are ragging on Mirror Mirror as just colorful and bad, but I think there’s a candy coated campy goodness to this Snow White tale that might be so bad it’s good. That, or I’m blinded by the shirtless Armie Hammer. But what a way to go blind!


Darren Criss and Starkids dropped by VH1 a couple weeks ago to discuss their tour, and our sister site finally got the video online. It’s kind of neat to see Darren in this environment rather than Glee – he’s goofier, more relaxed. And his friends are cute.


I had sworn off the Sh*t ____ Say videos, but I’m going to make an exception for Sh*t Liz Lemon Says.


Somehow Mark Malkoff managed to get a bunch of actors to let him crash at their houses to save money on his trip to Hollywood. Justine Bateman is looking good, as is Kate Walsh.


Kylie can’t be in Australia for Australia Day this year, but she is coming back – for Mardi Gras 2012. I so wish I was going. I’ve always wanted to go back to Australia for Mardi Gras.


The restaurant Sticky Rice spent six months researching how to blast sushi into space safely and videotape the return, complete with FAA approval for launch. This is the result. I can’t help but feel I’m being punk’d here.


Paul Rudd sits down to answer Rookie’s Ask a Grown Man series, though it might be the only time anyone has ever referred to Rudd as a grown up.


Via Towleroad, we have “White Night, Big City” from singer songwriter Chuck Prophet, which is a tribute to the riots that happened in San Franscisco after Dan White’s manslaughter conviction in the murders of Harvey Milk and George Moscone. The footage in the video is incredible to watch.


We can now report that Iron Sky, the movie about the Nazis from the dark side of the moon, is finished, and will premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. I’ve been watching this thing forever, and can’t wait to see the full film.


Moe’s Southwest Grill would like to to remind you that Microwaves Ruin Everything. Sometimes in slow motion.


Secretary of Education Arne Duncan took time to endorse National Gay-Straight Alliance Day and talk about the work to be done to make schools safe and welcoming environments for all students, but especially GLBT students, from kindergarten through college.


Randy Phillips, the instant celebrity after he videotaped his coming out to his parents after the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, made a commitment to do the AIDS LifeCycle Race this year, and he’s looking to raise $10,000.


Wilco’s new video for “Dawned On Me” includes the band in animated form, with special appearances by Popeye, Olive Oil (who may have put on a little weight from what I remember), Bluto, Wimpy, and Sweetpea. It’s kind of surreal.


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