Morning Meme: We’re In “Crazy, Stupid, Love” With Ryan Gosling and Lady Gaga wants to be on “Modern Family”

The Philharmonic’s production of Company, with Neil Patrick Harris, Jon Cryer, and Patti LuPone is going to be filmed and released in selectNPH and Colbert movie theaters in
June. Sadly, my local theaters are never “select.”

So Warner, at the MPAA’s request, is pulling the trailer for The Hangover II from
theaters, where it aired in front of the PG-13 Source Code. So the
monkey diving for the old man’s crotch is taboo for a green band trailer, but
the gay joke in The Dilemma trailer is just fine? Thanks for defining the
rules, MPAA.

A woman foraging for copper in Georgia (people still
forage?) picked up a fiber line by mistake and cut off Internet access for Armenia and half of Georgia. It
was an innocent mistake that’s likely to land her in jail for at least three

When I read the title The 25 Gayest Animals, I had some concerns before flipping
over to view the post. But it’s actually a visual look at animals that exhibit
a large amount of gay or bisexual behavior.

It turns out Bradley
, still being tortured by the U.S. government without a trial, is actually Welsh, thanks to his mother, and the British
government is attempting to intercede on his behalf. This is where “the special
relationship” hits the seven year itch.

Cameron and MitchellIt turns out when you ask a bunch of puppeteers to create an erection for a centaur, they don’t even blink in
the conference room, and just start asking for details about what you’re
looking for.

Lady Gaga evidently wants to guest star on Modern Family, but they
can’t figure out how to make it work without it being forced. I’m all right with
forced – have her bus break down in front of Cameron and Mitchell’s house! I
watch Glee, I don’t always need logical plotlines. Sometimes I just
want fabulous!

This NSFW post about Jason Patric, Jim Gaffigan,
Brian Cox, Chris Noth and Kiefer
baring all at the 9th Annual Dressed to Kilt charity
show in New York is a must see. Just not at work.

No one really knows the plotline of the new Channing Tatum Peter Pan movie. We don’t
even know what role Channing Tatum is playing, except that it’s now known he’s neither Peter Pan, nor Captain Hook.Channing Tatum As this post says, maybe Tinkerbell?

Scientists at Fermilab have discovered something. It’s not the Higgs-Boson, but it’s
important. We just don’t know how, or what.

University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong has filed a $25,000 lawsuit against former Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell
for stalking and emotional distress. Shirvell is also under investigation by
the Michigan bar association.

Today in odd headlines we have “Hugh Jackman Offered Snow White” which caused me to do a
double-take. It of course means he’s been offered the role of the Huntsman in Snow
White and the Huntsman
, but that’s not what the headline says.

Judge Walker, who
struck down Prop 8, has officially come out as gay, surprising absolutely no

Leandro Barbosa and Reggie EvansAfter a big win, Toronto Raptors players Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans held hands in a moment of bonding. The fans have not been kind.

The Grammy Awards have revamped their entire program, trimming a huge number
of categories, and most notably doing away with gender segregation. Now for instance, Jennifer Hudson will compete with Bruno Mars in “Best Vocals.” Producers hope the changes can help the broadcast come in at
under 47 hours.

The End of the LGBT Blogosphere As We Know It? I hope not.

Dish Network bought Blockbuster at auction, but no one is quite sure

Senators Kerry
and Leahy join 10 of their
colleagues in asking Homeland Security to quit deporting married gay couples until the law is
clarified. Homeland Security says no dice.Alec Baldwin

Tina Fey is
pregnant again
. Who doesn’t want Tina Fey as their mother? Also, contrary
to Alec Baldwin, 30
is not ending after next year.

The Employment Non
Discrimination Act
has been reintroduced on the House floor, this time with 92
fewer cosponsors than the last Congress. Thanks for being a fierce advocate
while you had the majority, Mr. President.



From Ryan Gosling’s new movie. (We’ll be discussing the trailer on page three.) That’s the back of Steve Carell’s head..

All my best captions would be way over the line.

Half of this image is from last fall. The other half I don’t believe has aired yet. Discuss.

I hate how often this show goes on hiatus!

Cats and dogs, explained.

Maybe it’s actually the hedgehogs who are in charge?

This rather creative photograph is by Richie Marke, who has some other pretty cool shots. Totally worth flipping through a few.

If he was only born at another point in time.

This is why you never date a cat owner. Cats don’t share well.

In a possible end to Western Civilization, Adzookie will pay your mortgage if you agree to have your home turned into a giant billboard, and will paint it back at the end of the contract. I just signed a contract on a house, and as a first time homeowner, there is no way in hell.

Remember, this garish ad is what they chose to advertise the service.

Almost time to discuss Ryan Gosling’s new movie…

So the trailer for a movie I didn’t even know was being made is out. Crazy, Stupid, Love stars Ryan Gosling as a ladies man, and Steve Carrell as the same character he plays in every movie. There are things that bugged me here, like the straw joke. Then I was reminded 1) I am allowed to laugh sometimes; 2) I have used a straw as a seduction device before in a smoothie shop, so I shouldn’t be a hypocrite. Meanwhile, this movie has Gosling, Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone, who gets off a killer line at the end of the trailer. I’ll see it.


This is yet another HIV awareness commercial from the same group I always run them from. I think this is pretty clever, even if it is slightly NSFW due to lower bun cleavage that’s not much more than you’d get with a Speedo.


Richard Branson is always interesting. First he’s off to space, and now he’s diving a super submarine to the deepest parts of the ocean. But this isn’t a toy for the rich to experience, since it only seats one man.


George Takei wants to be Spider-man in Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark. I don’t approve, but only because Takei is a treasure, and I don’t want him harmed in that musical. Side note: I hope I look that good in spandex at 73.


This is pretty hard to watch, the Westboro Baptist Church explaining their 19 truths about the Bible while co-opting the NOH8 imagery. It makes me sick after about four minutes and I have to take a break. Still, we need to know what these people are up to. Definitely NSFW for language.


This Slick It Up commercial will cleanse the brain, though it’s also a touch racy, for totally different reasons. I’ve always wondered about office life in places that made sexy underwear or other things – what’s it like? How do you define sexual harassment? Again, NSFW.


In this clip that Billy Crystal has been pushing all week, we see the senior citizen sequel to When Harry Met Sally. It’s fairly gruesome, and mostly watchable thanks to Helen Mirren, who can do no wrong in my book.


I have a thing for capybaras. I’d love to have room to have a herd of them. Here’s a juvenile taking a hot shower. He doesn’t mind if you watch.


The Tempest Freerunning Academy just opened April 2, 2011 in California. It’s dedicated to health through freerunning and parkour, and is the first of its kind. I love that they have a Super Mario section. I’d love to be able to do this, but if I tried it would be a race between heart attack from overexertion or breaking something due to lack of coordination.

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