Morning Meme: Zachary Quinto Isn’t Fond Of Mitt Romney, Jerry O’Connell Rocks a Bedazzled Speedo, and “Glee”‘s Bro Day Rubs Me the Wrong Way

Adam Pally talks to the AV Club about playing Max, and how he tries to make sure that the character being gay isn’t explained any more than the other characters being straightAdam Pally. “But as far as the sexuality goes, we never really talk about it. The only time it does come up is when we’re doing a scene and think, ’Why are we explaining so much why this person likes this other person? People know Max is a gay character, so why do we have to talk about it?’ That kind of motto has taken us a long way, and I hope will take us further.”

The Log Cabin Republicans provided a “qualified endorsement” of Mitt Romney for president, which goes against all logic. But did they do it for a private promise to support ENDA? And now right-wing bigot Bryan Fischer is freaking out at the possibility that Romney would supprt ENDA, which he says will be the end of religious liberty in the United States.

The CW is developing a show about the teenage years of Mary Queen of Scots, taking place mostly in the French courts as the warrior queen surrounded herself with a bunch of badass women, at least in this reality.

Lady GagaLady Gaga had nineteen different varieties of fern named after her. Since the fern reproduces via spores, each can be male, female, or even bisexual, so it made sense to name the species after Lady Gaga and her support of expression.

In New York, artistic dances don’t have to pay taxes on their admissions, so a strip club sued saying that their dancers were artistic, and so the cover fee should be tax free. They lost their case and face a $400,000 tax bill now, but some of the arguments that came out are pretty amazing to read.

Apple announced a bunch of new shiny things yesterday, including the much anticipated iPad Mini, a new MacBook, and even an upgraded iPad, making your current model 3 obsolete, and my original iPad positively ancient.

Judd Apatow is set to edit Vanity Fair’s January comedy issue. I’m hoping he takes a ride with my friend Brett Berk, who is the automobile columnist over there. What kind of car would you take Judd Apatow for a ride in? An ElMatt Bomer Camino comes to mind.

Bill and Melinda Gates gave a further $500,000 to the marriage equality effort in Washington. They had previously given $100,000.

E! has added some clarity to Jackie Collins’ comments that Matt Bomer lost out on Superman because he was gay. Bomer was actually up for the role when Brett Ratner was doing the movie that became Superman Returns. When Ratner dropped out, Bomer was replaced with Brandon Routh. It also says that there is screen test footage out there somewhere with Bomer in the full Superman tights. Collins has issued a statement saying essentially that she shouldn’t trust Hollywood executives and their stories.

David GeffenThe Insider, the sad little companion to Entertainment Tonight, is to be cobranded with Yahoo to become omg! Insider, losing what little seriousness it possessed after years of covering Kate Gosselin’s every move.

Angelina Jolie has managed to get two more of her brood into Maleficent, adding Pax and Zahara to Vivienne’s casting. Those kids will soon have resumes to rival Willow Smith.

Human Rights Campaign Executive Director Chad Griffin says that Hollywood has always led the way on minority rights, and it’s doing the same with GLBT rights. What I suppose I had missed was that what got the Prop 8 case started was a check from David Geffen, who always seems to quietly be there with money when it’s needed, be it $1.5 million for a court case or $5,000 in cash to wrap Jesse Helms’ house in a condom.


 Adam Lambert and his Glamily Band – they should turn it into a show like The Monkees

 I always thought one benefit to telecommuting for Logo was that I didn’t have to put on pants for work. Then the Underwear Expert stopped by the corporate offices and I realized that you may not need pants to work on Times Square, either.

Not only that, but you miss out on cupcake days as well

 Tell us how you really feel, Zachary Quinto

 Cyndi Lauper and Alan Cumming croon for Obama

I know that Glee’s Bro Day was supposed to be about some light hearted bonding between the heterosexual castmates, but some of the “humor” in this really rubs me the wrong way. Is it just me? Because it feels a bit like gay baiting. Or it could be the cold medication.


The Mister dating service sent over their latest web video, which makes a decent parody of just how specific some people’s online ads can be. I honestly don’t know how people ever meet anyone these days. Does no one go out to bars and events and actually talk to people anymore?


If there was ever a lost cause, it’s probably not discovering the Higgs Boson, but trying to find a couples costume that Amy and Sheldon can wear for Halloween. I love that they decided to use a Venn diagram to find common ground, but it’s obviously not working.


Jerry O’Connell stopped by The Ellen Show and agreed to get in the splash tank to raise money for breast cancer, and he wore the tiniest little bejeweled Speedo he could find. While his wife, Rebecca Romijn couldn’t dunk him, never doubt the softball skills of a lesbian. And how fierce is Portia’s hair right now?


The latest anti-equality ad out of the UK takes the playbook employed by the National Organization for Marriage and adds a nice English accent to the lies, hate, and disinformation that we’ve gotten so used to on this side of the pond.


Xelle has released their music video for “Queen” and you can definitely spot some of your favorite queens in the video. I haven’t been into dance music in many years, but the hook on this is a classic and it’s hard not to chair dance, just a little.


I’ve never been able to understand exactly what QI is about, but every time I watch a segment online, I come away sad that it doesn’t exist on BBC America. Here we have them using vortex cannons to blow smoke rings, which isn’t something I can imagine a talk show in the United States ever doing. Are all the segments like this? Is it Stephen Fry’s charm alone that makes it so watchable?


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