18 Perfect Mother’s Day Cards For When You Have Two Moms

Because the only thing better than one mom is two.

For those lucky enough to have two moms, Mother’s Day is a double blessing. Whether you’re looking for a way to thank the ladies who took you from dirty diapers to teenage tantrums, or want to show your partner-in-parenting your appreciation, we’ve got adorable cards for moms (squared).

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  1. Heart to heart

  2. This computes

  3. Aw, shucks

  4. Perfectly pretty

  5. Simple and sweet

  6. Families drawn together

  7. Inspired by Sister Sledge’s disco classic “We are Family”

    mothers day Huggitos
  8. The more moms the merrier

  9. When you want to thank your co-mom

  10. If you want to get a head start

    greeting card
  11. Retro vibes

  12. You both won!

  13. Excuse us, there’s something in our eye

    giraffes mothers day
  14. When the best in the whole world just isn’t enough

  15. If you and your moms have a very open and honest relationship

  16. Because some moms can never have too many cats

  17. Inside: “Two amazing moms—how lucky am I? Happy Mother’s Day!”

  18. When you have to give your wife proper credit

    mother's day
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