“Faking It” Recap 2.10: No Shane, No Gain

Previously on Faking It, class warfare erupted at Hester High with Shane’s face taking collateral damage:


The morning after the big breakups Amy senses trouble because her mother has made french toast and is talking like Scarlet O’Hara. Karma’s dropped off a box of Amy’s junk along with that “best friend” half-heart necklace. Amy asks if Farrah remembers the boy who dangled out of her window.

We all do, Amy. We all do.

Amy reports that that was Karma’s boyfriend and Farrah is immediately all, game over, fundamental violation of the Girl Code. Amy protests that Farrah never taught her that sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend is verboten but honestly, shouldn’t that just be assumed? Amy insists she and Karma will be together again, just as soon as she can convince Karma to speak to her.

At school Shane is helping Liam practice for an interview for the “Jackson Lee Youth Art Fellowship”, suggesting that the answer he wrote for Liam is better than Liam’s word vomit about being dumped and his Chinatown situation at home. Shane’s face brightens at an alert on his phone but it’s just a Fauxgle alert about Duke taking his new girlfriend to church. Shane contemplates sending Duke’s Stubble profile to TMZ but rejects the notion under his recently adopted “No Outing” policy. Liam suggests finding a project.

Lauren recruits minions Leila and Lisbeth to manage her campaign for student body president. They’re doubtful based on how spectacularly she failed to be elected Homecoming Queen and how she’s only Social Chair through blackmail. Lauren figures she just has to fake caring about some touchy-feely issues until after the election then go on to rule the school with an iron fist. She asks for suggestions to pretend caring about and Lisbeth says all she cares about is Theo. Lauren’s subsequent rage and slagging of Brandi as a slut serve to transition us to Theo and Brandi who have spent the night together. In an interrogation room. Because Theo is a cop and he’s busted Brandi for her pot brownie.


In the cafeteria Lunch Lady Irma is deeply concerned over Amy and Karma’s split. Amy assures her she’s on it but before she can formulate a plan Reagan calls to brag about how fast she can pitch a tent. Usually it’s guys you hear bragging about that. Amy hems and haws about their upcoming camping trip but Reagan gives her a firm deadline. 6:00 and not a minute later.

Down in the art room Liam is showing his KARMA shadow piece to Jackson Lee (Nicholas Brendan) but has no clue how to explain it. Jackson chastises him for not having intention and Liam lashes back about the terrible stuff he’s been through lately. Jackson allows that Liam’s story has touched his heart but his artwork hasn’t.


As Lauren gives Vashti a clearly BS interview about abolishing the grading system as part of her platform and Vashti is having none of it, Shane approaches wearing a SHANE 4 PREZ t-shirt and a NO SHANE, NO GAIN button.


His wheelchair-bound campaign manager, Wendy, reports that his brand awareness is nearly 100% and his likeability is through the roof. Lauren has murder in her eyes.

Karma’s parents have their awful juice truck parked outside the school and Karma’s mom can’t understand why Amy would need her to intercede with Karma for her. Karma arrives and passive-aggressively asks her mother to remind “this customer” that they retain the right to refuse service. Before we can get any further Theo rolls up all Miami Vice and busts Karma’s parents for distribution of controlled substances.

They explain from the back of a cop car that while they are technically drug dealers they view pot as medicine and only sell to those in need at the old folks’ home. As it dawns on them that maybe some of their product might be making its way into the schools via the grandchildren of residents, Karma gets a pair of steel bracelets for herself. Since she’s worked the cart she’s a suspect. Didn’t Liam work the cart one day as well? And I have to think Amy has at some point. Amy tries to vouch for Karma but Karma would rather be arrested. She’s loaded into a car and whisked off.


Liam and Shane angrily confront Theo for being a lying liar who lies and Liam tries to swing on him but Shane restrains him. Amy, seeing a way to make Karma literally her captive audience, punches Theo. As she gets hooked up and shipped off, Theo spots Lauren staring, stricken, at him.

Jackson stops by Liam’s car to award him the fellowship. Something about being angsty– unlike almost literally every other teenager on the planet. Yeah.

Lauren drops off her nominating papers and Shane taunts her about having to bribe people to sign them. Lauren is not having it and lays into him about how she knows he’s going to win and the only reason she’s even running is to distract herself from the humiliation and confusion that her relationship with Theo has brought her. As she stalks off Shane asks her if knowing he’d been humiliated too would be of any comfort. Her meebled “yes” is adorable.

Shane tells her he and Duke broke up because of Duke’s refusal to come out and one day later is already sporting a fake girlfriend, Taffy from The Biggest Loser. I refuse to Google whether that is an actual person. They bond over their mutual contempt for dating people from reality shows who don’t even win their season. The Lauren begins sympathizing with Taffy and not Shane because Shane knew from the start what he was getting into with Duke while Taffy has been nothing but lied to from the jump. Lauren: “Is his name even Duke?” Shane: “Actually it’s Shannon, but…” Lauren declares that both Taffy and she deserve to know the truth, storming off in search of Theo. Shane decides that Taffy does deserve the truth and starts texting.

Down in lockup Amy implores Karma that she got herself arrested just to talk with her but Karma still refuses. Karma’s mom suggests that maybe she’s being a little hard on Amy and should give her a chance to explain and Karma asks Amy really loudly to explain away sleeping with her boyfriend and lying about it for weeks. Amy tries to go to her but Celly #1 and Celly #2 block her path. I don’t recognize Celly #2 but Celly #1 is the faboo Julie Goldman, late of The Big Gay Sketch Show. Finally Karma lays down her terms. She will give Amy the chance to explain herself but if, when she’s done, Karma doesn’t accept the explanation Amy has to transfer to another school. Amy has 60 seconds.

After a rough start in which she outs Karma to her mother for having a secret Cinderella stash Amy picks up momentum. Nutshelling it: She realized she’d been in love with Karma since the day they met and when they started pretending to be a couple she began to hope Karma felt the same way and when that hope was dashed she wanted to hurt Karma in the worst way possible and there was Liam “like a human sledgehammer” but upon sobering up she realized how terrible of a mistake she’d made and did everything she could to spare karma that pain.

So, pretty much the exact same things she’s said before with the added attraction of dangling Karma’s half-heart necklace over the jail toilet.

Ep. 210: Amy

She lowers it and lowers it and just as she’s about to drop it in Karma asks her to wait.

Liam meets with his (grand)father and makes a deal with the Devil. In exchange for an as-yet unnamed favor, Liam agrees to give up his dreams of making art, get an MBA and take a management position at Fauxgle with an eye to taking over the company one day. If he goes back on the deal he’s cut off for good.

The favor turns out to be a call to the Attorney General to get the charges dropped, which Amy and Karma realize immediately is Liam’s handiwork. Karma accepts her half-heart necklace back but she isn’t ready to wear it yet. She sends Amy on her camping trip with Reagan.

As Theo and a fellow officer search some lockers (why, if the case is dropped?) Lauren confronts Theo. His real name is Anthony, he’s 20 and none of it was real. She blasts him. “I opened my heart to you! I told you I was intersex!” Lauren claps her hands over her mouth when she realizes her admission but the students around her, including Vashti, have seen and recorded it all.


Shane finds Liam in the art room packing his tools. Duke is about to hold a press conference because apparently someone sent his Stubble profile to TMZ. Liam reminds Shane of his “No Outing” policy but Shane counters that learning that Theo was a narc has taught them that one can only hide the truth for so long. he tunes in the press conference on his tablet.

Dad does not look happy

Duke addresses the rumors about his sexuality thusly: “They’re true. I am a proud gay man and I am in love with Shane Harvey!” Shane beats feet, passing Karma on her way in. She asks Liam why he got the charges dropped but before he can get any further than saying it wasn’t a ploy to get her back she kisses him and starts tearing his clothes off.


But it doesn’t mean she forgives him.

Lauren’s minions join her at home for a campaign meeting Lauren thought she’d canceled. They’re there to introduce Lauren to her new campaign team, including Vashti and Wendy, who’s dumped Shane because getting Hester’s first intersex student body president elected is more historic. You can actually see the switch thrown behind Lauren’s eyes to put her into campaign mode. it’s kind of glorious.

Amy and Reagan make love in the woods, only halfway through Reagan becomes Karma. Amy jolts awake and exclaims “I had the pear dream again!” rolling over to see Liam who reminds her that they’re celebrating duping Karma into taking them back. They begin making out, only for Karma to jolt awake on top of a sleeping Liam. Her suspicions brew like coffee.

And that wraps up Season 2A. Karma and Amy and Karma and Liam are patching things up but the pain and mistrust remains. Shane gets back together with Duke but now has to worry that Duke will learn that he outed him and what that would do to their relationship. Lauren is again unlucky in love but will try to fill that void with an unabashed grab for power. And Theo? Dead to me.

Plotwise this sort of strained credulity. Austin is pretty mellow about marijuana use so an undercover operation going after pot brownie dealers seems like resources that could better be used elsewhere. And if Karma’s parents are the target of the investigation placing an undercover in the high school seems like a really roundabout way of getting to them. And would TMZ really care that some MMA fighter who just went pro a day ago is gay? That’s a serious question. I find TMZ reprehensible and never visit the site so I have no idea if someone like Shane would be on its radar.

Thanks to everyone who’s read and commented on these recaps. I hope you’ll join me for Season 2B.