Music’s Biggest Night Is Actually “The Grannies”: WATCH

golden girls sonny cher

Sunday, January 26, is Music’s Biggest Night: That’s right, it’s the Grannies!

From 4-7:30pm, Logo TV is running some of the most musical episodes of The Golden Girls. From “Turkey Lurkey” to the Rusty Anchor, our favorite quartet loved to sing!

Check out some memorable musical moments below!

Blanche sings in place of her granddaughter at a child pageant


Dorothy and Sophia dress as Sonny and Cher and sing “I’ve Got You”


Blanche preforms at the Rusty Anchor


Dorothy preforms at the Rusty Anchor


Rose and Dorothy sing “Miami”


Watch The Golden Girls “Grannies” Marathon on Sunday, January 26

, at 4pm.

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