Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today

You may need to calm down after hearing these cool new tracks.

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section.

  1. Caskets – “Heart Attack”

    Queer Charlatan guitarist Austin Blaine Heath calls his alt-punk solo project “music for the down, lost, and loveless.” Serving Blink-182 and Paramore realness, this thrashing track throws caution to the wind for something liberating, examining those dark moments in life when we must find the strength to rise above.

  2. Lucy Whittaker – “Miracle”

    Whittaker is a London-based pop artist who’s been building buzz over the past year with her energetic performances and skillful writing chops. This infectious, snap-happy track was inspired by an accident involving her father when all she could do was hope. She’s planning to release more singles this summer, and we’re excited to see her blow up.

  3. Carlos Vara – “Impossible”

    Summer romances don’t always come easy, and this power ballad tackles how sometimes we can be our own saboteurs. Vara grew up the son of a South Carolina preacher, and he draws on his church roots for the grand, choir-backed, gospel-style cut, weaving in raw, soulful vocals to make sure we feel every verse of his journey. His debut album is due later this year.

  4. REYNA – “The Way I Loved You”

    The Milwaukee-based sister duo just released this ’80s-inspired electro-pop banger about the recklessness of young love and how that first heartbreak changes us forever. Considering they’ve opened for CHVRCHES, signed with the same label as Billie Eilish, and received a glowing endorsement from Tegan and Sara, these two are definitely an act to watch.

  5. Fab the Duo – “American Icon”

    The debut single from this power couple who met on Tinder focuses on embracing our differences, pairing a funky groove with a message of inclusion. Its mix of spaghetti western guitars and big-band brass give it a refreshing retro vibe.

Photo: Caskets shot by Jake Lakowski.

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