Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today

Love music for spring… actually groundbreaking

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section.

  1. Sigrid – “Sight Of You”

    It took me a minute to get into what Sigrid is bringing. I don’t think I was ready for such confident power pop or something so genuine in today’s world, but now I’m obsessed. She has endless energy, an incredible voice, and presence. Her debut album, Sucker Punch, just dropped, and it’s impossible to listen to it without feeling good vibes all around.

  2. Ben Platt – “Temporary Love”

    It’s hard to keep up with Ben these past few weeks, hitting us with one powerful track after another leading up to his solo debut, Sing to Me Instead, due later this month. You may have to pause this video a few times to have a quick cry over the heartfelt and enduring display of love that has no bounds.

  3. Davy Boi – “Dirty Mind” (feat. Dai Burger)

    Gotta love a good west coast / east coast collaboration that slaps this hard. “Dirty Mind” is the latest from Davy Boi and Dai Burger, giving us smooth electro-pop meets hip-hop beats and a fresh take on the dynamics of hook-up culture. If you mixed Troye Sivan and Frank Ocean’s DNA in test tube…well actually, now we know the result.

  4. Emma Bunton – “Baby Please Don’t Stop”

    Like something out of a James Bond film, the legendary Emma Bunton is back with a modern twist on 60s mod pop. Her voice is made for this kind of music and as the Spice Girls kick off their world tour this spring, this track is like a love letter to longstanding fans and just what we needed for this moment of nostalgia yet excitement for the future.

  5. Conan Gray – “The King”

    Proving to everyone that kids from small towns can do great things, Conan Gray just kicked off a headlining tour following his debut EP Sunset Season. The singer just released this effortlessly cool lo-fi bop about knowing someone is into you, but they can’t get it together to admit it. It’s mature, relatable, young love storytelling at its finest and incredibly catchy.

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