Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today

Break up with your playlist…aren't you bored?

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section.

  1. Ariana and the Rose – “You Were Never My Boyfriend”

    It’s been hard, knowing about this song in advance and having to keep it under wraps. 15 seconds in, you’ll be in love with this anthem for those what-the-hell-was-that type relationships we’ve all been in. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, brilliantly written, and relatable with the perfect tone for this kind of reflection. I thought this could use a million more spins…hold my beer.

  2. Leon Else – “Change Up”

    Leon is a British singer/songwriter known for R&B and dance-pop. This aptly titled song represents a brand new chapter for him as an independent artist and he is definitely opening up on this track. The song is a refreshingly honest look in the mirror—essentially a spring-cleaning for the soul that reminds us how hard it is to “change up” our habits with the people around us.

  3. Trevor Moran – “On My Own”

    There’s something empowering about pop songs like this that make you feel sexy and confident in your own independence. I live for the sassy fun and unbothered style of a bop like this and a video with full attitude. Trevor already has a YouTube-driven empire and has accomplished more in 20 years than most ever will, so it’s exciting to see. Two words: express yourself.

  4. Nimmo – “Everything I Wanted”

    Nimmo is a London-based duo that just released a satisfyingly progressive dance-pop track that is deep and entrancing. It sounds like 2am, when you know you’re going to be out for another three hours, but you’ve happily relinquished your body to the will of the night. These two left their label to pursue music that felt closer to their hearts and this track exemplifies that freedom.

  5. Wrabel – “love to love u”

    Wrabel’s writing credits are insane. Do you like Kesha? Into Ellie Goulding? Who has a feature on P!nk’s new album that isn’t even out yet? This guy. Wrabel’s strength as a pop vocalist is also on par with his pen. This song is about being in a relationship after the honeymoon phase has passed, but realizing the challenges that come along are where the love starts to come in.

Photo Credits: Ariana and the Rose photo courtesy of Getty Images. Leon Else shot by Brian Ziff. Trevor Moran photo courtesy of Getty Images. Nimmo photo courtesy of Getty Images. Wrabel shot by Nicki Loranger.

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