Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today

Five hot new tracks serving summer realness.

Pictured above: Bronze Avery

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section.

  1. Anna Akana – “Alone Together”

    This month is all about examining the many ways we express our love, but “Alone Together” veers from the traditional romantic bop. Over a stripped-down electro-pop backdrop, it conveys the emotions of letting someone go without resistance, of doing what’s best for both the person you care about and for yourself. Flying solo rarely sounds this good.

  2. Arthur Moon – “Homonormo”

    This new project from Brooklyn-based queer artist Lora-Faye Åshuvud sounds like the avant-pop love child of St. Vincent and Perfume Genius. The song is about the dilemma of LGBTQ people assimilating and questioning what we gain by adhering to prescribed definitions of normalcy.

  3. Bronze Avery – “Spilling Out”

    Watch out for this guy. Not only is Avery’s latest track a perfect danceable pop moment full of bubbly synths and infectious hooks, but the concept behind its video will absolutely melt your heart. Try not to get giddy over all the love, camaraderie, and all-around good vibes in this sleepover extravaganza. More of this, please.

Jay writes about music and pop culture since us LGBT folks pretty much run these kinds of things.