Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Big walls and mighty men.

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

  1. Miss Benny – “That’s My Man”

    Capturing the spark of young queer love, Miss Benny’s latest single unapologetically celebrates the mighty, mighty good men in our lives, highlighting the fun, wild, and intimate moments that make up our ride-or-die relationships. With poetic lyrics gliding over its nocturnal party pop, this is pure Gen Z joy.

  2. Tidal Babes – “OMG”

    Singer Lyndsi Austin and songwriter-producer Chris Qualls wrote each song on their new record, OMG, in less than an hour to underline the energy and immediacy of the project. With funky basslines, surf-rock guitars, infectious pop melodies, and a little SoCal punk edge, its latest beach bop wastes no time sinking its hooks in you, but it’s memorable enough to carry us through to at least the end of summer.

  3. Dizzy Fae – “Big Wall”

    Dizzy Fae is a Minnesota-based singer, dancer, and queer black interdisciplinary artist who interrogates the nuances of love and human connection. A soulful electro-pop groove that plays with perspectives, “Big Wall” shares a narrative about past relationships and the ongoing relationship we have with ourselves. Fae recently performed at Troye Sivan and Charli XCX’s Go West Fest and is definitely one to watch.

  4. Sakima – “Pity Party”

    The latest track off Sakima’s upcoming mixtape, Project Peach (inspired by that famous Call Me by Your Name scene) is haunting and mesmerizing, exploring the dynamics between straight men and queer people. The song shifts between themes of sexuality and objectification, illustrating the myriad emotions—anger, frustration, bliss—that roil within the male ego.

  5. Deney Adam – “Heart Drop”

    If pop and house music had a baby and circuit music was its godmother, its name would be “Heart Drop.” As Deney Adam explains, “The song is about the best hookup in your life, the kind that makes you scream ‘I love you!’ even though you know you’re lying.” When he’s not recording club bangers for your late nights out, Adam is a multifaceted artist who’s done makeup for celebrities like Lady Gaga and Susanne Bartsch.

Photo: Dizzy Fae shot by Bobby Rogers.

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