Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Getting wet and feeling fluid.

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

  1. Jax Jones and Tove Lo – “Jacques”

    It’s easy to tell (and a beautiful thing) when collaborators have good chemistry. Enter “Jacques,” a fun and flirty exchange about a rendezvous Tove Lo once had with a French guy. Jones’ heavy house beats and infectious bassline are the perfect match to bring the experience to life.

  2. Michael Medrano – “Fluids”

    Having kicked off our summer with “No More Tequila,” Medrano is back with the perfect party anthem to close out the season with a bang. His club-night storytelling always boasts a sense of humor and joyous frivolity (there’s no mystery surrounding this bop about drinking and maybe kissing a few strangers along the way). Spend a little time listening to his falsetto coo over these bouncy funk beats and you’ll be feeling fluid too.

  3. Girl Wilde – “WeT”

    A celebration of female sexual desire, Girl Wilde’s latest offers a liberating mantra for young women while channeling ’90s bubblegum alt-rock (think Gwen Stefani). The singer reveals her vulnerable side, but you also get the impression she knows how to handle the boys. This one is about honesty, rebellion, and, most important, self-care.

  4. Leon Else – “Easy Love”

    In “Easy Love,” Else opens up about a dark period in his life, when he used sex as a form of escapism, a tactic that ultimately created a cycle of emptiness and self-destruction. Although the track is upbeat, it delivers a relatable message about the difficulty of dealing with pain head-on.

  5. Keiynan Lonsdale – “Rainbow Dragon”

    The Love, Simon and Flash star isn’t interested in being categorized, and “Rainbow Dragon” is the perfect title for a song about opening our minds and realizing we can be whatever we want, with no apologies. It’s R&B, it’s pop, and it even has some rap bars, showcasing what a chameleon Lonsdale is and how exciting music can be when it ignores expectations.

Photo: Girl Wilde shot by Rosabelle Eales.

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