Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Tegan and Sara look back, and Chester Lockhart brings on "The Night."

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  1. Tegan and Sara – “Don’t Believe the Things They Tell You (They Lie)”

    Taking us back to their high school years, the queer twin sisters’ new album, Hey, I’m Just Like You, is a collection of rerecorded songs they wrote as teens, but the themes still pack a punch. The latest single from it reinforces just how sophisticated their writing was, and how they’ve grown into the brilliant storytellers we know and love today. The concept is clever and also very brave. Most of us would cringe upon revisiting our adolescent musings; they’ve spun theirs into gold.

  2. Chester Lockhart – “The Night”‬‬

    One of our favorite vampires is back, fashionably ahead of the game and insistent that Halloween come early this year. With a video produced by Dorian Electra and Weston Allen (and makeup courtesy of our “cyster” Soju), “The Night” is a satisfyingly dark beckoning to the dance floor that has us envisioning Lockhart’s famous K-pop parties at Fangtasia. Prepare to get turned and turned out.

  3. Crooked Ghost – “Black Rainbow”

    Crooked Ghost, a North Carolina–based band with a dreamy post-punk sound, just released “Black Rainbow,” which explores lead singer Ray Clark’s experience with mental illness as a gay teenager. “The song sounds bright and cheerful, but it has this melancholy to it that’s quite beautiful and sad,” says Clark. “It’s a song that I hope can resonate with anyone who’s ever wanted to disappear.” The video is reminiscent of ’90s grunge grit and artfully directed to illustrate the isolation experienced by far too many.

  4. Broox – “BTWLD”

    Inspired by artists like Sylvan Esso, Lorde, and Sia, Broox’s writing is uplifting and confident. The New York City–based queer alt-R&B singer delivers incredible vocals over a jazzy arrangement, her emotional lyrics centered on how we show love for those we care deeply for.

  5. Heartthrob Robb, Solomon Ray, and Flykingi – “Lose Ya Mind”

    In a year all about breaking down doors in hip-hop, Heartthrob Robb has teamed up with reggaeton singer Solomon Ray and rapper Flykingi for a hard-hitting, contagious, island-y track. They talk shit about boys and recall some epic escapades in what unfolds like a throwback to Lil’ Kim’s “Ladies Night.” Watch these three eviscerate every verse in an anime-inspired video that might actually make you lose your minds.

Photo: Chester Lockhart shot by Jon Sams.

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