Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Bein's believin'.

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

  1. Peter Thomas – “If You’re Happy Now”‬

    With each relatable and mesmerizing ballad he puts out, Thomas gets closer and closer to pop-star status. “If You’re Happy Now” is about processing the aftermath of a breakup. “Heartbreak has been replaced by a less intense heartache,” Thomas says. “Maybe we’re not ready to talk yet, and maybe we won’t end up together, but I still care, and I want to know if you’re all right.” His emotional intelligence runneth over here. We’re obsessed.

  2. VINCINT – “Someday”

    Ever had a Flashdance moment in front of the mirror when no one else was home? No? You’re lying. VINCINT’s latest is also about heartbreak, but it’s laced with a sense of positivity and hope for the future. With ’80s-inspired drums and synths, incredible choreography, and looks from our favorite era of fashion, the singer breathes life into every second of this song.

  3. Blu DeTiger – “Tangerine”

    Inspired by ’70s punk culture, New York-born Blu DeTiger makes lively retro pop accented by modern synth stylings. Featuring backup dancers from the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the first and largest LGBTQ youth organization, “Tangerine” is a glittery groove-fest full of cheeky attitude and empowerment. According to Blu, the track is about “going beyond that initial step and creating the environment you want.”

  4. Dandelot – “Tutu”

    Dandelot (pronounced DON-de-loh) is an emerging Brooklyn-based artist who mixes hip hop with piano loops and deep basslines; listening to his new track is like taking the train from Lincoln Center and then ending up in Bed-Stuy (or Coney Island, by the looks of the video). Its aesthetic and melting pot of sounds are about as New York as it gets.

  5. Rouge Mary – “So Into Love”

    Rouge Mary (who collaborated with Hercules & Love Affair on the 2017’s “Rejoice”) has unveiled a debut EP anchored by this perfect low-key disco cut. With its gospel vibes and Euro dance-floor energy, it’s a love song that feels authentic because it’s simple and mature. If you like Robyn’s latest record, give this a spin. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo: Peter Thomas shot by Joe DeSantis.

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