Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Right Now

Things are getting messy.

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

  1. Snow Tha Product – “Butter”‬‬

    Snow continues to blow our minds with every line she spits, blending English and Spanish while tackling social issues. Still arguing over who the best female rapper (or rapper, period) is? Look no further. “Butter” may only be two minutes long, but its fire, swagger, and conviction feel massive. It’s the sound of one hell of a good night.

  2. Stewart Taylor – “Mess Your Hair Up”

    Some of the best moments couples share are the silly ones only the two of you know about. Taylor is serving us Prince-inspired realness with this R&B funk track about a long-distance relationship, a sexy BF pic, and an off-the-cuff response to it. The video nods to classic Hollywood, its choreography means business, and the champagne runneth over. Cheers!

  3. Max and Kim Petras – “Love Me Less”

    Max’s “Love Me Less” was already a top-notch pop track with stunning vocals, but this new version features Kim Petras offering up a lighthearted verse about her own potential turnoffs: “Would you love me less if I spent your cash on designer bags?” she sings. Together, this pair is a true powerhouse, breathing fresh life into a universally relatable bop.

  4. Caveboy – “Hide Your Love”

    Tackling the trickiness of modern-day romance, “Hide Your Love” is about wanting to connect with a person who’s forgotten how to be present because they’re lost in technology and their online status. Caveboy’s ethereal melodies meld perfectly with their signature brand of electro pop for a new take on the challenges of relationships.

  5. Yanni Burton – “Worth It”

    Co-written by Nate Company (known for his work with Tove Lo, LP, and Christina Aguilera), “Worth It” focuses on the passion of new love and the downside of having too much of a good thing too soon. “The idea is that relationships can be one-sided and dangerously blind,” Burton has said of the song, the video for which boasts a late-’70s European summer vibe, depicting Burton as a fledgling gay being seduced by an edgy bad boy.

Photo: Stewart Taylor.

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