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Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of new jams.

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

  1. Peter Thomas – “Watching TV With the Sound Off”

    Having produced music for P!nk and Betty Who, Thomas has the potential to become a real hit-maker, and while this may be a “hot girl summer,” our vote is for his new track, a celebration of young coupledom and the sweet simplicity of just feeling content. The lead single from his upcoming debut record, Attachment, mixes dreamy vocals with ambient synths, giving us a solid first taste of his vision. We can’t wait to hear more.

  2. Skating Polly – “Play House”

    For anyone too young to have actually lived through the ’90s punk and grunge explosion, the spirit is alive in Skating Polly’s fiery new video, a must-see for fans of Veruca Salt and Bikini Kill. The Oklahoma sister duo were just 9 and 14 when they formed their band, and a decade on, their riot grrrl flame still burns bright.

  3. Justin Utley – “Survivors”

    Utley’s new track is a rallying cry against conversion therapy and abuse, and an account of the effort it takes to persevere and overcome it. Backed by the University of Utah’s Chamber Orchestra, his vocals pack an emotional punch that do perfect justice to his inspired message.

  4. Lola Blanc – “Angry Too”

    Written at the height of #MeToo last year, “Angry Too” channels the fury so many women have felt bubbling up in the face of a relentless news cycle chronicling stories of sexual assault and discrimination. Its discomfiting horror-pop beats driving home the rage of Blanc’s lyrics, it is the sound of once-buried emotions finally crashing through the surface.

  5. Nightlightr – “Fishing”

    Nightlightr was raised in the church, and “Fishing” examines the complex relationship so many LGBTQ people have with Christianity. Rapping over funky electro-organ beats, he deconstructs faith and encourages listeners not to change their minds, but to question their beliefs and how they arrived at their conclusions. His scripture is compelling.

Photo: Peter Thomas shot by Deonté Lee.

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