Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today

New summer tracks for love gone very right (and very wrong).

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

  1. Kelechi – “Forever Tonight”

    Kelechi’s latest romance-pop track will have you reaching for a hand to hold. His dreamy vocals and its mammoth beats are enough to transport you to an imaginary world of loving intrigue—one firmly planted in the 1980s. The video explores the beauty of falling head over heels, and we’re here for every second of it.

  2. areté – “Trip”

    The title is apt. An avant-garde journey down an EDM rabbit hole, areté’s new cut is inspired by bad choices and even worse relationships, with vocals that convey moments of fear, discomfort, and confusion. The highly stylized video is layered with hidden messages we can’t stop trying to decode.

  3. Danny Blu – “Burn”

    With “Burn,” New York–based Danny Blu is sharing his personal experience and speaking to anyone who’s been part of a toxic relationship. “I wanted to write honest lyrics that express raw and vulnerable emotions like frustration, regret, and fury,” the singer says. The track’s minimal production allows his vocals to take centerstage in a haunting, ’90s-indebted dark-pop ballad that’s heavy on the doom.

  4. Woosung – “Face”

    Whether it’s BTS frontman RM popping up on Lil Nas X’s “Seoul Town Road” or Holland making waves as an out K-pop idol, we’re feeling the progressive rush coming out of South Korea. Woosung’s new track from his latest EP, Wolf, is a funk-infused banger complete with flashy visuals and a message about mutual respect for personal ideals.

  5. Conan Gray – “Checkmate”

    “Checkmate” is a frenetic powerhouse pop track perfect for anyone tired of relationship games. The 20-year-old Texas native’s video takes youth angst to the next level with a full-on kidnapping sequence to satisfy the darkest of revenge fantasies.

Photo: areté shot by Jocelyn Kelvin.

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