New Musical “Shards Of An Honor Code Junkie” Tackles Gay Mormons, Suicide

The Brooklyn premiere will benefit the Trevor Project.

The Shards of an Honor Code Junkie, Blake Allen’s autobiographical musical about a gay Mormon, will make its world premiere December 4 at Brooklyn’s Tillary Hotel, Playbill reports.

Consisting of eight scenes, Shards is described as “a dark and intriguing musical that shines light on the inner struggle of being raised in an extremely religious household under a parent’s watchful eye.”

Dominic Bracco II/Washington Post/Getty Images

While the attending Brigham Young University, which requires a commitment to a strict honor code, the young man’s “world slowly begins to fall apart, unhinging demons of drugs, sex, and suicide in a coming of age story.”

The musical will be presented in memory of Alan Taylor, who committed suicide 10 years ago on December 4, 2007.

“I wrote this show in the name of advocacy, therapy, and connectivity,” Allen says. “While mostly everything in this story actually happened, members of the LDS faith or not can relate to the similar struggles of relearning about who you are. It is a message that love and friendship can be a powerful tool to claw your way out of the shackles of despair. It is an honest look at the LGBTQ community, at suicide, and the idea that we are all, in our own way, Lost Children of God.”

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Directed by Zi Alikhan, the cast will include Alison Fraser, Teal Wicks, Kenyon Phillips, Virginia Preston, Cree Carrico, Tori Scott, Theresa McCarthy, and Josh Tolle, as well as Hannah Rose DeFlumeri, Michael Lowney, Andre Jordan, Brita Filter, and other local drag talents.

Proceeds from the special one-night concert event, hosted by Marti Gould Cummings and MAC Award winner Michelle Dowdy, will benefit the Trevor Project.

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