Making Of A Serial Killer: The Trailer For “My Friend Dahmer” Has Arrived


The eerie trailer for My Friend Dahmer is here, the movie that shows the genesis of a serial killer.

The film, directed by Marc Meyers and based on the graphic novel by Dahmer’s real-life acquaintance John “Derf” Backderf, sees Disney alum Ross Lynch (Teen Beach Movie) embody the gay serial killer during his teen years.

The preview starts off as your average coming-of-age story of a friendship between two high school boys, but quickly escalates into creepy territory as viewers see the genesis of one of America’s most infamous serial killers.

Aside from Lynch’s uncanny transformation, in the trailer you also get to see an almost unrecognizable Anne Heche, who plays Dahmer’s mother, struggle trying to understand her teenage son as he becomes more and more deranged.

Meyers told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year that he met with more than 80 actors before casting Lynch as Dahmer. “I felt that he both had the versatility as an actor and the look. I thought it was exciting that he was just ending his run as the lead of a Disney show and was the lead of their Teen Beach Movie franchise—but he looks like Jeff! And then, even more so, when you put some glasses on him.”

It's pretty uncanny how similar they look… #myfrienddahmer #rosslynch (Right picture made by @vaporshor)

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If you haven’t brushed up on your history of serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer raped and murdered at least 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He received 15 life sentences in 1992 but was killed in prison by fellow inmates within three years.

The trailer isn’t for the faint of heart (especially when Dahmer begins practicing taxidermy with roadkill and other furry friends)—but if you are fascinated with serial killers be sure to mark November 3 on your calendar when the movie hits theaters.

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