Naked Fashion Model Taunts Police, Demands Meeting With Donald Trump In Times Square

Rough morning for Krit McClean!

A naked man yelling about Donald Trump gave tourists in Times Square and eyeful this morning, taunting NYPD officers by shaking his private parts while dancing atop the TKTS booth.

The New York Post reports the man, 21-year-old high fashion runway model Krit McClean, ran laps around police for about an hour, yelling things like “Donald Trump where the fuck are you?!” and “I love fashion, it’s taught me so much!”

McClean’s rant reportedly began near the Disney store on 46th Street, where he disrobed a little before 8am and threw his wristwatch at a random woman passing by.

McClean, a graduate of Stuyvesant High School in Tribeca and Columbia University, was asked by a security guard to put his clothes back on. He refused, and ran up the red steps in Duffy Square, where his bizarre standoff with police began.

McClean repeatedly demanded a meeting with Trump, and even dropped the names of two iconic fashion designers.

“I love you, Bruce Weber,” he yelled. “I love you, Mario Testiino!”

“He was extremely combative,” an NYPD spokesman said. “He was spitting at us and swinging his arms.”

McClean reportedly blew kisses at police, announced his love for his mother, informed everyone that he is a virgin, and shook his butt at officers before jumping 16 feet onto a giant airbag inflated by police.

“This is pure entertainment,” said Peter Timmins, a commuter passing by. “Nobody wants this to be their loved one but it’s not mine so I can laugh about it a little.”

McClean was taken to Bellevue and is reportedly in stable condition with minor injuries.

Below, check out some of his recent posts on Instagram:

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