Naked Rugby In New Zealand: This Is More Like It! (PHOTOS)

naked rugby new zealand

We’ve said it a thousand times: Rugby players are the best.

Not only do these muscular jocs take sexy selfies, pose nude for calendars, mesmerizingly emerge from the ocean like Honey Rider and go full frontal to promote testicular-cancer screening, they actually play in the buff!

Last month in Dunedin, New Zealand, the Nude Blacks beat an Invitational Australian team 5 to 4 at Alhambra Rugby Club. Some 2,500 spectators braved sweltering heat (it’s summer Down Under, remember?) to catch the stripped-down match, an annual event.

It was mostly for fun, though, with a referee wearing a dressing gown, and one Nude Blacks player penalized for illegally spooning an opponent.

For a NSFW-ish video of the game (well, there are some dangly bits), click here.

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