There’s Rumors Of A “Nanny” Revival In The Works

She had style, she had flair, she was there!

Last year, in an interview with Closer Weekly, the celebrity news magazine asked Fran Drescher the real question we all want answered: When can we expect a revival of the classic sitcom, The Nanny?

“As far as a reboot goes, I would be open to it if somebody wanted to do it,” revealed Drescher. “But if nobody wants to do it, then I’m currently trying to develop something else.”

The Emmy-nominated actress explained how getting the Nanny gang back together would be relatively easy because she still talks to her former cast members from the beloved sitcom.

“I am in touch, definitely. Renee Taylor (Sylvia Fine) is a good friend of mine, Charlie [Shaughnessy] (Maxwell Sheffield) is a good friend of mine. Recently I reconnected with Nicholle Tom (Maggie Sheffield), and periodically I speak to everyone, but I’m very good friends with Charlie and Renee, for sure.”

Drescher sparked even more more rumors of a revival when she posted a picture on Instagram of her having a reunion with writers and producers from the original series.

Nanny writer producer Lunch reunion in nyc. Can u feel the love? ❤️

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Whatever could they be talking about over lunch?

The Nanny originally aired on CBS, why not bring a revival to the network’s streaming service, CBS All Access?

The series ran for six seasons, from 1993 to 1999, with the entire cast gathering for a 2004 reunion Lifetime special, The Nanny: A Nosh to Remember.

Drescher also hosted mini reunions with her Nanny co-stars on her TV Land sitcom, Happily Divorced, based on her real life separation from her husband after he came out to her.

So what would a Nanny revival even look like? Would the Sheffield children have kids of their own now and would Granny Nanny Fine have to look after them just like she did 25 years ago? Mr. Sheffield and Fran’s twin babies—who Fran gave birth to in the series finale—would now be 18 and going off to college. Maybe Fran could be experiencing empty nest syndrome?

The story possibilities are endless, and after the success of the Roseanne revival we will be seeing even more reboots on our televisions soon, so why not the return of Fran Fine?

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