Naomi Smalls Kikis With Cardi B About Her High School Days, Haters And More

Queen to queen.

In a new video for Cosmopolitan, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 queen Naomi Smalls sat down to kiki with Miss Bartier herself, Cardi B.

During their interview the two queens talk about everything from what Cardi was like in high school to the powerful women she looks up to and why all of the boys love to hang out with her.


“I’m just really that cool girl that guys just like to chill with because I’m mad funny and I’m like their homegirl,” the Love & Hip Hop star explains during their conversation. “I’m just really like the sister that everybody f*cks with.”

With Naomi adding: “Girls always hate on that. If you get along with all the boys, girls always want to tear that down.”

The Drag Race queen also asked Cardi about her relationship with her fiancé Offset, and what she has planned for their wedding—and what’s a deal-breaker when it comes to relationships.

Watch the video below to hear their outrageous conversation and to check out Naomi’s fierce “Bodak Yellow”-inspired look!

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