Meet Your New NASA Boyfriend — Bobak Ferdowsi

Bobak Ferdowsi at mission command.

It’s super cool that we’ve got a mission on Mars right now, but we’re obsessed with something — or someone — a little closer to home.

During last night’s NASA Mars launch livestream, the Internet zeroed in on a cute and not typical looking NASA nerd, Bobak Ferdowsi , who is the Flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission.  Overnight he jumped from a few hundred twitter followers to over 18k, spurred mostly by fascination with his hair, which he does differently for every mission.  This time it was an eye-catching mohawk with stars carved into the sides.

We don’t know a ton about this mohawked scientist, but when has that ever stopped the internet from embracing a new, adorable meme.  Let’s all bask in his adorableness together.

And here’s Shira Lazar’s interview with Mr. NASA, Bobak Ferdowsi: