Will Lexington And The “Nashville” Cast Are Back In New Season Five Promo

Scarlett and Gunnar 4ever.

Time to return to Music City!

In your first look at the upcoming season, Rayna James, Juliette Barnes and Nashville’s resident gay character, Will Lexington all make an appearance in the shiny new promo for the show’s new era on CMT.

rayna james nashville

The country music soap may have gotten new showunners who promise less drama for the new season, but you won’t be able to tell in this new clip that has all the tears, intense fights and breakdowns that we’ve come to expect from Nashville.

Oh, and there’s music too.

Start practicing your southern drawl and watch the promo below.

Watch the Season Five premiere of Nashville, January 5 on CMT.

h/t: Vulture

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