“Nashville” Adds A Trans Character

The Grand Ole Soap Opry returns!

The recently resurrected, over-the-top music soap Nashville has axed some characters for its upcoming fifth season—but an intriguing newcomer is moving to Music City.

Nashville-ABC hayden

TV Guide reports that a trans character will have a role in the new season: “Further details on the role are scarce,” said TV Guide. “But we know the character is a trans woman who will play a significant role in – spoiler alert! – Juliette’s (Hayden Panettiere) recovery from a plane crash.”

Sorry for the spoilers, but if you follow any Nashville news then you already know that Juliette survives the season finale plane crash since it was reported that Panettiere signed on for the fifth season.

nashville gay

Chris Cormack has played Nashville’s resident gay country singer for the past three seasons, but this will be the series’ first trans representation. Hopefully she sticks around longer than just a few episodes—which is normally how long new characters last in Music City.

Nashville will premiere in January 2017 on CMT.

h/t: TV Guide

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