Nate Silver: The Gay Dude To Follow Today

Election Day has arrived, and while many may spend all day watching the final minutes of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaign or tuned to Fox News ( we don’t judge), the person we should all be paying attention to is a young gay New Yorker — Nate Silver.

Silver is a blogger for the New York Times and founder of, a site that correctly predicted the outcome of the presidential race in 49 of 50 states in 2008 (he missed Indiana) and the winner of 35 Senate races. He is also a giant geek, with 538 being the total number of electoral votes in the United States.

Silver is a statistician who provides an incredibly in depth look at the polls and gives something we don’t really see this days — balanced and justifiable results. So today, when you want to see what is going on, head to his site on the Times. It will give you the best idea and make you sound totally smart all day while having political conversations. Also, no Times paywall today!!!

And, as a heads up, he is currently predicting there is a 92% chance of an Obama win. Who doesn’t love a statistician giving those results?

You can watch Silver, who just released his first book The Signal and the Noise, on The Colbert Report above.

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