Gays In The NFL Are Shockingly Scarce

Brendon takes control. (Getty)

The NFL is useful for Tom Brady, Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. Otherwise, it’s not of any particular interest to the LGBT community. (Other than football fans, obvi).

Brendon Ayanbadejo plays the position of linebacker for the the Baltimore Ravens and has spoken out this year defending gay marriage. In a recent interview he was asked when he thinks the first gay NFL player will come out. He basically said he’s not holding his breath, because he thinks there is a smaller percentage of gays in the NFL than in the world.

“There are definitely gay players in the NFL. I’m not saying that there are not,” said Brendon. “Some people say the gay guys in the NFL aren’t coming out because they’re scared and worried about what’s going to happen to their careers. But I think the first person who comes out and says they are gay, everyone is going to write a book and do stories about them. They’re going to make a lot more money by saying they’re gay than by not saying they’re gay. But are we ready to hear that? Is that person going to be comfortable to do that? I don’t think they are right now because of society and the way things are.”

But that doesn’t mean he thinks this is forever. “Eventually, I think there will be someone. But the number (of gay players) is so minute. If they say the regular population is 7 to 9 percent (LGBT), in the NFL it might be 3 percent.”

Oh, to have a large supply of shirtless eye candy around you daily. Wait, why is the number so low again?