Hey Dudes, Did NOM’s Brian Brown Try To Kiss You?

This is his kissy face.

This is Bri Bri’s kissy face.

There’s a new Facebook group for the countless men allegedly subjected to unwanted advances from NOM (National Organization for Marriage) president and ordinary straight guy Brian Brown. Per the group description for Brian Brown Tried To Kiss Me. (I’m Serious):

“He may have thin little lips that are always stretched across his big, angry, red face, but if he sees the right guy, he’ll pucker them up and go in for a kiss. He must be stopped.”

While these claims are spurious at best, it’s not difficult to appreciate the quirky anecdotes:

“Brian Brown is very tricky. He’ll tell you that you have something in your teeth and when you open your mouth to check, he’ll try and kiss you with his tongue. That’s what he did to me anyway.”

And video testimonials:

So dudes of the world, gay and straight, considered yourselves warned.

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