NBC Declares New Sean Hayes Sitcom, “Sean Saves The World,” “Post-Gay”

Sean Saves the World - Season PilotApparently, Sean Hayes’ new NBC sitcom about a divorced gay dad won’t really be about him being gay.

Victor Fresco, the producer and creator of Sean Saves the World, told the Television Critics Association on Saturday that Hayes won’t resemble Jack McFarland, his foppish character in Will and Grace, in the new series.

“Without Will & Grace, we would not be here right now,” Fresco said. “But I think of this as a post-gay show where there is a gay man at the center but it’s not about his being gay.”

Sean Saves the World, set to debut in October, sees Emmy winner Hayes as the dad to a fesity 14-year-old kid and son to an overbearing mom ( Alice’s Linda Lavin). Hayes says his character sexuality will be “an afterthought.”  A eunuch sitcom star? Just what America has been demanding!

The de-emphasis of Hayes’ gayness is likely a result of The New Normal’s failure to gain traction last season. NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt called the show “slightly ahead of its time.”

In that case we’d call Saves the World behind the times.

Source: Deadline

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