NC Gov. Pat McCrory Meets With LGBT Activists Calling For Repeal Of New Law

"Never in the history of our movement have we seen this broad a coalition come together."

A group of leading LGBT advocates walked to Gov. Pat McCrory’s office Thursday afternoon to hand-deliver a letter signed by over 100 business leaders calling for the repeal of House Bill 2.

Gov. McCrory met briefly with the leaders of three LGBT advocacy groups Thursday to discuss House Bill 2, the sweeping anti-LGBT bill passed by the North Carolina House and Senate in a whirlwind day-long session last Wednesday.

The leaders included Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, Equality North Carolina Executive Director Chris Sgro and trans woman and trans rights activist Candis Cox. The three delivered the letter, signed by mega-corporations such as Wells Fargo, Facebook, Apple, Citibank, Bank of America, American Airlines and Starbucks, into the hands of McCrory’s chief of staff Thomas Stith before being invited in for a meeting with the governor.

Little is known about what occurred in the meeting as the media was barred access and the three leaders wouldn’t say what the governor said in response to their demands.

“I’m optimistic,” starts Griffin to the Charlotte Observer, “because it’s the story that’s happened in so many other states with so many other governors: That if this governor and these legislative leaders will actually sit down and listen to North Carolinians who are negatively impacted and harmed by this bill, they’ll rethink it and they’ll agree with us.”

In response to the large swath of support the LGBT community in North Carolina received from businesses around the country, Griffin commented that, “never in the history of our movement have we seen this broad a coalition come together.”

The sole comment from Gov. McCrory’s office came from his spokesman, Josh Ellis, who stated that “Gov. McCrory appreciated the opportunity to sit down and deal with these complex issues through conversation and dialogue as opposed to political threats and economic retaliation.”

Earlier in the day, McCrory had appeared on the Fox News Channel to defend the bill, saying “It’s basic common sense. It’s the etiquette of privacy that we’ve had for decades. It’s amazing that the national politically correct police have descended on my state and unfairly smeared my state.”

Below, a video posted by HRC of Griffin lobbying to deliver the letter to Gov. McCrory. In it, he says he will only deliver the letter if accompanied by a representative of the transgender community, who he notes are the individuals most affected by the bill.

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