Poll Workers Forced a North Carolina Trans Woman to Show ID to Vote

They said her face didn't match her name.

Poll workers asked a transgender woman in Cornelius, North Carolina to show ID before allowing her to vote because they said her face didn’t match her name.

The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director, Michael Dickerson, has admitted the woman should not have been asked to show identification to vote, which won’t be required in the state until next year, but said those involved won’t face repercussions. Instead, he said he plans to implement sensitivity training.

“The chief judge came out and said, ‘I need ID,’ and I said, ‘What is the issue?’” the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told WSOC-TV. “[She] then says to me, ‘The issue is your face doesn’t match your name.’ I said, ‘Why must you see my ID when it’s not a requirement?’…She looks at me, eyeball to eyeball, [and says], ‘For you, it’s a requirement.’ I said, ‘Well, why me? Is it because I’m transgender?’”

“This is an excellent time to not just single someone out, but say, ‘We all need to be aware of this,’” Dickerson said.

The woman eventually showed her ID and was allowed to vote, but said she felt embarrassed by the situation.

When asked if she will vote again in the future she said she doesn’t know.

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