Neil Patrick Harris Has “Adventure Time” in a Gender-Bending Parallel Universe. And He Sings!

TV has the details about Neil Patrick Harris’ guest appearance on the next episode of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, which will air Monday at 8 PM ET.

Titled “Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake,” the episode is, according to the network, set in “a gender-bending, parallel universe.” Fionna and her cat Cake are the female versions of the show’s main characters, the fearless boy Finn and his magical dog Jake. Harris plays Prince Gumball, the object of Fionna’s affection.

Take a look, as Neil brings pathos to the immortal line, “Your fist has touched my heart.”

BTW, Ed Kennedy wants it noted for the record that “when the characters reverse genders, Jake the Dog becomes a cat for some reason.” Duly noted, Ed!

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