Neon Trees’ ‘Everybody Talks’ Is Finally A Hit

Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees

Tyler Glenn (of Neon Trees) opens his mouth for you

You guys, I have been riding for “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees since it was released last December, and now, after eight months, it is finally in the top ten on iTunes. With any luck, it will be in the top ten on the Hot 100 by the end of September.

And that’s as it should be, y’all! This song is a tasty slice of pop-rock music that still gets me jumping after all this time. It delivers a raw, exhilarating blast of energy, like the band ran out to their garage and started playing right away, without even discussing it, because they were so PUMPED. Thanks to everything from Tyler Glenn’s remarkably nuanced vocal—check the way he slides around a note—to Elaine Bradley’s fierce drumming, “Everybody Talks” is easily one of the best singles of the last 12 months.

As a bonus, Tyler Glenn is also hot. Never a problem, amirite?

It’s funny, right, that it took so long for the song to catch on? I mean, it took Ellie Goulding half a century to ignite with “Lights,” but no one had heard of her before. Neon Trees stormed the charts a few years ago with “Animal,” meaning they were a proven quantity. But what can you do? It’s better for them to have a slow-burning hit than no hit at all.

And if you haven’t rocked to this song yet—or if you’ve been foolishly resisting it—go ahead and let yourself be transported to a jumpier, kickier world.

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Mark Blankenship tweets as @IAmBlankenship. He really appreciates the universe when it finally lets his favorite songs become hits.