Netflix Orders More “Club De Cuervos,” One Of The Few Spanish-Language Shows With A Queer Character

The Netflix series features a pansexual player outed when photos of him kissing another man surface on a tabloid.

Netflix’s first Spanish-language series Club de Cuervos is a sex-and-soccer romp about a family scheming for control of a Mexican football team when the patriarch (and team owner) dies.

It’s like Empire with balls.

If you don’t watch Club de Cuervos—or you don’t speak Spanish—you still might have heard about the show since it featured a storyline about a pansexual player (Alosian Vivancos) who is outed by tabloids kissing another man.

Netflix Luiz Geraldo Mendez Alosian Vivancos Club de Cuervos
Netflix Luiz Geraldo Mendez Alosian Vivancos Club de Cuervos

There was also some notable full-frontal male nudity (NSFW) that crosses all language barriers.


Well, Netflix has just ordered a second season of the edgy series.

In its most recent Where We Are on TV Report, GLAAD lamented the slow pace of LGBT inclusion on Spanish-language networks like Univision and Telemundo. The problem comes down to how shows “are often written and filmed in Mexico and Latin America, by producers and networks with varied and sometimes outdated opinions on LGBT inclusion.”

Netflix Club de Cuervos

However, GLAAD highlighted Club de Cuervos as one of a few rays of hope, giving viewers a way to see LGBT characters while the rest of the industry is still catching up. 

In that light, the second-season renewal of Club de Cuervos is a promising step forward.

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