Watch Eurovision Winner Netta Make Her U.S. Television Debut on “Today”

"Look at me, I'm a beautiful creature!"

Netta has been touring the world since winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with her quirky earworm of a song, “Toy,” and now the Israeli pop star has finally come to the U.S.

This morning Netta made her U.S. television debut on the Today show, where she chatted with host Carson Daly, and performed her megahit single, which has been viewed more than 85 million times on YouTube.


“This is unreal. This is an unreal experience,” Netta told Carson when he asked her about touring all over the world. Before her performance she also talked about how the song was inspired by the #MeToo movement: “It gives power to everyone who has been struck down or bullied. It’s for everybody who has been told they can’t be who they want to be.”

Netta beat out contestants from 42 other countries to take home Eurovision’s top prize. This might be her U.S. debut, but judging from the crowd watching from outside the Today studios, she is already amassing a following of American fans.

Watch her fun performance below.

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