New Similac Formula Ad Welcomes Gay Daddies Into “The Sisterhood of Motherhood”


Formula brand Similac has gone where no baby formula has gone before by including gay dads in a recent commercial. Like a deleted scene from What To Expect When You’re Expecting, the ad highlights the funny-because-it’s-true aspect of parenting turf wars.

It features a cavalcade of mommies milling about in a park with their spawn—yoga mommies, lesbian mommies, and a series of unspecific cliques we’e gonna call “mean mommies.” And there are the daddies, too–grilling, no less. Bitchy remarks volley through the air until one of the mean mommies steps away from her stroller and watches as it rolling down a hill. Disaster almost strikes—before all the parents unite to save the wayward pram.

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While the clip nails it in the diversity department, it still feels stiff in its execution: During an exchange on the breast/bottle debate, a gay dad suggests that “it’s not all about the breasts,” but his fellow fathers quickly shut him down. Because #masculine.

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But the biggest problem is the tagline: While the ad claims “No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first,” that sentiment is undercut in the final frame, with banners reading “Welcome to the Sisterhood of Motherhood” and “#SisterhoodUnite.”


As Brent Almond at says, “I appreciate the effort on the part of Similac to include dads, and the ever-so-subtle gay couple in particular. However, the omission of fathers from the final frames of the ad is completely contrary to the message of the campaign — that we’re all in this together.

Watch the spot below.