New AfterElton Blog Feature! Gay Book Reviews!

NewYorkTimes2.jpgYou’d think that, being an author of fiction himself, AfterElton editor Michael Jensen would be very receptive to book reviews, wouldn’t you? After all, he more than anyone would know exactly how hard authors must fight for their tiny tiny slice of the entertainment media pie, right?


“I do run book reviews, but hardly anyone ever reads them,” Michael tells me. “Look at the numbers for yourself.”

I did look at the numbers (he’s my partner, after all, so it’s a short walk to his computer).

And he’s right; not many people read book reviews.

But I am not dismayed! I think there is a market for regular book reviews, albeit a niche one. After all, books are an important part of the shimmering gay entertainment rainbow.

So we came up with a solution: in addition to occasional book reviews on the AfterElton content page, Michael has decided to run more frequent “capsule” reviews on this blog.

Be on the lookout!